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We know that after the Android is confused, the security of the code has been improved, even if you hook, the decompile is also a random code, which has an impact on the reading nature. In order to improve the difficulty of code cracking, we usually retire to the APK, the common Tencent, 360, love encryption.Wait. Today, say how to use 360 key to reinforce APK.
It provides professional security protection for mobile applications. It can prevent the application from reverse analysis, decompile, two packing, and prevent malicious code such as various viruses and advertisements, and protect the data security and the developer’s interests from the source. Three hundred and sixty
To make it easier for you to understand it directly. It

basic configuration

signature configuration

Click “configuration information”, select “signature configuration”, check “enable automatic signature”, click the “Browse” button, select the signature Keystore file you need to use, and enter the Keystore password. When the password is correct, it displays the alias and then enters the correct alias.Code, click Add to complete the signature configuration operation. It


In the “configuration information” menu, the “multi-channel configuration” is selected, and the selection of “multi channel packaging” can be used to strengthen the application and automatically tap the corresponding channel reinforcement package. Multi channel packing support META-DATA parameter in AndroidManifest.xml fileSeveral channels of channel statistics, detailed channel configuration methods are as follows: (1) select the APK packet corresponding statistical platform (that is, the Android name in the META-DATA parameter), such as UMENG_CHANNEL (2) in the “market name”.Fill in the name of the channel, and fill in the number of the channel in the “channel number”. Numbers support English and numbers (3) if you need to use 2 Statistical platforms at the same time in an application to carry out data statistics. After clicking on the “increase the statistical platform”, a different statistical platform is selected and filled in.When you write “channel number” (4) complete, click “add” to complete the configuration of the channel information (5) the blue switch button represents the default packet of the channel, such as no need to hit a channel packet, click close switch.
Note that there is a pit in the format imported here. You can first export it and fill in your own channel number and import it. It


reinforcement configuration”

In the configuration information menu, select reinforcement option and modify the enhanced service when you reinforce it in the optional enhancement service. Reinforcement services include: (1) update notification: “application upgrade notifications” help developers to push the latest version of application upgrades to users, andThe developer shows the number of users and the proportion of versions in the various versions of the reinforcement application. Application upgrade notice service is introduced in detail: common problems of! Id=94 “application upgrade notice”:! Id=93 (2) crash log: “crash log analysis” service provides developers with real-time application run crash statistics, including the Java layer running crashesInformation and Native layer running crash information, and statistical breakdown of the contents of the collapse to help find specific problems of application. Breakdown log analysis service is introduced in detail:! Id=95 “crash log analysis” common problems:! Id=93 (3) supports the X86 architecture: the reinforced application can run on the Android phone of the X86 architecture


reinforcement application and release

Click the “reinforcement application” to select the APK file to be reinforced, and automatically complete the application reinforcement, automatic signature and multi-channel packaging. The reinforcement assistant supports batch adding multiple APK for reinforcement. You can directly select multiple APK files that need to be reinforced in the folder, or directly.APK is dragged into the reinforcement window to complete batch reinforcement operations.



Here is a picture description ” >

auxiliary option”

You can also sign, pack and so on according to your needs. It


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