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Project Background: Upgrading from IE6 to IE11 takes about 2 months. There are 3 people, and the content is not much, but some documents (detailed design and test results report) need to be written. I brought two new employees to complete the upgrade project.

Lessons learned:

  1.The division of tasks is not detailed enough, there is no clear division of what each person should be responsible for, and there is no division of what each person should accomplish every day.

  2.Even if it’s a very simple job, after the first book is finished, we should check each other. If we don’t check it, there will be more and more mistakes in the end. Even if it’s a simple job, we should not believe that others will not make mistakes. We should check it in time.

  3.It should not entangle with some technical difficulties. It takes too much time to finish the easy part first.

  4.You can’t accomplish half of every task and end up spending too much time changing it.

  5.Attention should be paid to the balance between points 3 and 4. Problems should always be solved. When problems arise, they can be put aside and easily completed. However, problems should not be left to the final solution. It is better to solve all the problems ahead in about one tenth of the completion of the task and complete the tenth.

  6.Check the design book thoroughly before the task starts, and don’t miss it from beginning to end. In the part of function realization, we should not only believe in the scheme given by the person who makes the detailed design, but also have our own judgment to judge whether the scheme will cause new problems.

  7.From the beginning of the project, it is necessary to find out the information to be delivered by the final project. For internal criticism, the BUG test encountered requires everyone to keep a good record. About twice a week for internal criticism matching, BUG registration

  8.Pay attention to the process of task management, do not appear the phenomenon of task waiting, reasonable allocation of tasks. One person can’t be busy dying, another person can wait for him to be busy.

  9.As the distributor of the project, try to leave a little less tasks to himself, so that he has enough time to deal with the technical difficulties encountered in the project. If the assignment is the same as that of a team member, then if the team member has a question to ask himself or is stuck somewhere, then there will be no time to complete it.The task assigned to oneself.

  10.As a project manager, don’t grasp everything and do everything by yourself. In the end, when your team meets a slight difficulty in the task, they will throw themselves at you, leaving you big head and no time to deal with it. Tasks can be assigned to team members, but they must be checked to ensure the quality of completion.

  11.Things are prioritized, and it is clear which tasks are urgent and which tasks are put to the end.

  12.Focus on accomplishing a task in the morning or afternoon of a day. Don’t do this for a while, but do that for a while. That’s too inefficient.

  13.Daily schedule of the project to prevent project delays.

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