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Every programmer dreamed of overthrowing the world


At Wangfujing Metro Station, a couple are having an emotional quarrel.

The little girl said with a crying voice, “Please don’t go away. Let’s live a good life together. I’m an only child. I have a mine in my family. I’m afraid I can’t afford to support you.  

The teenager raised his head in silence and gazed at the top of the 45 degree angle. After a while, a look of disdain suddenly appeared. Then he answered firmly, word by word, “I will not go back with you, I will use my code to subvert the world.”

The girl’s face was somewhat obsessed with worship, but her voice suddenly became hoarse and said, “You are just an orphan process in the system now. Without the process token, you can’t enter the kernel. How can you subvert the system?” Suddenly the teenager looked back forcefully, his voice trembling, and he said, “SoI’m going to find a company, I’m going to inject myself into them and get their process tokens. This gives me the opportunity to disguise myself and deceive the absolute address of the process in the kernel. As long as I have the opportunity to cheat the absolute address of the kernel, I will have the opportunity to hack into the system and subvert it. The girl said, “I see. ICall my father right away and let him buy the company you work in Xierqi for you. You remember to come back and marry me when you realize your dream! uuuuuuuuuuu

At this time, the subway came in. The teenager looked back at the girl and said, “I’m leaving. Take care of yourself.” The girl took out a “three flying swallows” mouse from her pocket and handed it to the teenager. She said, “Hold it, this is the mouse you bought from Jiduo yesterday.” The teenager took the mouse and sat on the subway and left without turning back.


Subversion is not about producing more garbage.


Every programmer, when he was young, dreamed of overthrowing the world. However, while the process of subversion can prove that we have existed before, it does not mean that we can make the world a better place.

In recent years, the development of online ordering has been very fast, which has brought convenience to our life. Then it has brought about a great negative impact. Disposable lunch boxes and chopsticks create extra household waste. In particular, some bad businesses, in order to save costs, use non-environmental materials for lunch boxes. After landfilling, the degradation cycle is very long.It pollutes groundwater greatly.

According to incomplete statistics, there are about 20 million orders per day for the three main take-out platforms in China. On average, three plastic lunch boxes were used for each order. 20 million x 3 = 60 million lunch boxes per day. There are so many lunch boxes of garbage, the amount is terrible.

I believe that when designing the ordering platform, product managers will think more about how to improve the user’s experience and get more orders. It is irresponsible for such enterprises to take their own interests and leave the environmental protection problems to the country and the people.


Subversion is not about lowering the quality of life.


The rapid development of smart phones in recent years has subverted our living habits. The average daily mobile phone use time of Chinese residents is as high as 3 hours, even more.

Our programmers have devoted countless efforts to the development of smart phones, which has brought great convenience to our lives and brought closer the physical distance between people. However, it feels that the distance between the heart and the heart is farther.

In the first-tier cities, many people do not know each other. When I get home, I will house myself and live on my cell phone. People around them have become very indifferent. This is something we didn’t expect.

With the use of Wechat, we have completely abandoned the habit of writing letters. Something is to send a short message, nothing is not related. Think about the excitement of receiving letters before, as well as the surge of literary thoughts when writing letters, all have gone like yellow cranes, leaving only a beautiful memory of youth in mind. This should be against the procedure.Let’s design the original intention of Wechat.

Over-development of mobile phones has also brought great harm to our lives. Many teenagers indulge in mobile games, abandon their studies and live on the edge of reality and fiction. It’s just addiction and I don’t know where to go. Some teachers criticized the students, and suddenly the students came up with a sentence.People are in the tower.”(The teacher bluffed the monk Zhang Er out of his head.

These changes have really subverted our lives. Sometimes, however, I think, do we really need such a change?




When we wrote codes, we doubted the significance of writing them. But we can’t bear to think about it. All kinds of cruel realities come to us. Food, clothing, shelter and transportation, rent, water and electricity, old and young. Sometimes it’s not that we don’t want to make the world a better place. Sometimes it’s just that people are in the river and lake, and they can’t help themselves.Just as I finished this article, the product manager popped out from behind and said, “Has the bug been corrected today?” (To be continued, the next episode is more exciting)


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