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Beijingguangshen programmer, the monthly salary of 30,000 is not as good as the dog uuuuuuuu


Once in the north, programmers were a profession with a bright appearance.

Programmers graduate about five years, and their monthly income can generally reach 230,000 yuan. How many people envy such a life as going out to restaurants on weekends, traveling once a month, offering houses and buying cars?

Although the farmer’s life is hard overtime, he has no worries about food and clothing. High income makes it easy for programmers to bring their own halo and find girlfriends. How many beautiful MM, after several boyfriends, all agree that non-programmers do not marry. It can be seen how popular a programmer is.

Then, with the development of society, the prices of first-tier cities are rising. In many places, a square metre of houses has reached as high as 50,000 to 100,000. It’s out of the programmer’s reach. Normal programmers have to work for more than ten years to build a house without eating or drinking.

Beijingguangshen programmer, the monthly salary of 30,000 is not as good as the dog uuuuuuuu


It’s too hard for programmers to afford a house.

Because often have to work overtime, busy writing code, no time to date, so can not find a girlfriend. Even the aunt in the park who matches her daughter requires that the object must have a house. How angry!

When programmers reach 30 or so, they are usually forced to have a blind date at home. Because it costs a lot of money to pay for wedding gifts and wine. Aunts may be invited after having children; if they don’t own a house, the rent of the house is very high every month. All the wages earned in the company were handed over to the landlord. Where else can we go now?See programmers traveling? Few restaurants!

Many of the first-tier cities have rented 6,000 to 8,000 people a month, and programmers simply can’t afford to live. So many programmers were forced to move to the suburbs and take two or three hours of bus or subway to work downtown every day. Working overtime till late, and wasting hours on the road every day.The quality of life is seriously declining and there is no sense of happiness in life.


Beijingguangshen programmer, the monthly salary of 30,000 is not as good as the dog uuuuuuuu


Because the company’s operating costs are getting higher and higher, including labor costs and rental costs. So many companies are also more frantic about the oppression of programmers. Some companies require programmers to work late even if there is no code to write. This is the standard 996 system. There are even more miserable companies that execute programmers.8117 system. It’s 8 o’clock a day, 11 o’clock in the evening, 7 days a week.

Under this system, programmers have no chance to find objects. So a disgruntled programmer said, “Let me work overtime at night and weekends, just write bugs! Just write bugs!! Write bugs!!! Solve bugs during the day and write bugs at night.

Although these are all angry words, they reflect the bad living conditions of programmers from the side.

A few days ago, a programmer friend sent a text message: “I have decided to leave Beijing, the family found an object, intending to go back to the countryside to do some business. Let’s invite you all to come out and get together tonight.” Friends have been writing code for nearly ten years, and have always been a diligent, down-to-earth person with a monthly salary of more than 40,000 yuan. Because there has been no north.Beijing’s household registration, coupled with the rapid rise in house prices in recent years, has missed the best time to buy a house.

My friend was so drunk that night that he was very sad. He told me that the landlord had raised the rent to 8000 last month. This became the last straw that overwhelmed him and made him feel that he could not get along in Beijing. So he decided to go home and make a break.

Beijingguangshen programmer, the monthly salary of 30,000 is not as good as the dog uuuuuuuu


The departure of friends also makes me feel a thousand sighs.

Stay in the first-tier city, put down my ideal, can not accommodate my body; go back to my hometown, put down my body, can not accommodate my ideal.

I think I’ll stay in the first-tier cities, even if I rent a house to continue. Because there are many resources and contacts that the third and fourth-tier cities do not have. I will continue to start my own business. What if I succeed?

Compared with other professions, programmers work more overtime, but salary and freedom are incomparable in most other professions. Friends said: “You can write code while chatting with your classmates, other professions can you?”

It’s also possible that we’ve only seen the programmer’s pain, not the other professions. Who says that employees in other professions don’t suffer? All living things suffer, don’t you say?

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