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Personal Standing Conference – – – 20181116

Yesterday: Yesterday, I inquired about the relevant accuracy requirements of leveling survey, and preliminarily wrote some code of traverse calculation, and recorded some tables of leveling survey, and preliminarily completed the task.

Today: Because different measurement experiments and different instruments have different precision requirements, it is very complicated to sum up. So we are mainly doing preparatory work, referring to the specifications and textbooks, summing up the accuracy requirements and the corrections of different instruments. Today, we mainly summarize the total station, angle measurement, direction observation and traverse measurement.Quantity, adjustment process, compiled the code to import excle data, which can import data from excle table into data GridView table, and initially realized the calculation of coordinate azimuth.

Difficulty: When compiling excle file import, the corresponding relationship between excle table and data GridView control is not clear. After data import, it is always bad. After searching books and Baidu, this problem is solved.

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