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I am a slag now, if there is something wrong, please point out. Thank you very much!!!

This is what I changed on the project idly.

Here’s a screenshot of the code

H5, JS

 Get the value in the check box

Of course, you can also change getValue to getText to get the selected text in the check box.

Or use getData to get your incoming worthwhile objects

Of course, there are other events and methods:


onBeforeLoad(param): Loading the data before operation and returning to false cancels the load.

onLoadSuccess():When triggered, remote data loaded successfully

onLoadError:Remote Data Loading Error When Triggered

ONSELECT:Triggered when the user selects a list item

onUnselect:Triggered when the user deselects a list

options():Return the selected object

getData():Returns loaded data

loadData(data):Load list data

reload(url):Reload remote data list

setValues(values):Set the combobox value array

setValue(value):Set the combobox value

clear():Clear the combobox value

select(value):Select the specified value

unselect(value):Cancel the specified value


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