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After installing Linux (in this case Ubuntu), it was found that the full screen was not available, as shown below.

I couldn’t find the resolution of my monitor (my monitor is 1080P) even in the settings.


Many people on the Internet say it’s because they don’t have a graphics card driver, which is not the case. To solve this problem, it’s very simple, just install VMware Tools. The steps are as follows:

1.Open the corresponding virtual machine.

2.Click on the “Virtual Machine” tab of VMware Workstation and click Install VMware Tools.


3.At this point, the virtual machine will pop up such a “VMware Tools” disk interface.


4.Copy “VMware Tools-10.2.5-8068393.tar.gz” (the version number may be different) to the “home” path, enter the “home” directory, and use the command “tar-zxvf VMware Tool” on the command line.S-10.2.5-8068393.tar.gz”decompression



5.Enter the decompressed folder and enter the command “. / VMware – install. pl” on the command line to run the installer.

Select yes when you encounter branch options.

After installation, click on the “View” tab of VMware Workstation and set “Auto-resizing” to “Auto-adapting Client”

Restart the client. At this time, the full screen can automatically adapt to the screen resolution.




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