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When God wants to connect to the login server with a remote desktop, a dialog box pops up and prompts:An authentication error occurred and the required function was unsupported

Looked up Du Niang, Baidu Encyclopedia has many methods, are to change the local strategy or delete Microsoft updated patches, the specific methods of operation are as follows:

Policy Path: “Computer Configuration” – & gt; “Management Module” – & gt; “System” – & gt; “Credential Allocation” Sets the name “Encrypted Oracle Amendment” to be enabled and vulnerable, and identifies it.

But the key problem is that Xiaotu’s personal computer can’t find the “encryption Oracle fix” at all, nor the KB4103718 patch that Microsoft recently updated. Some bloggers have provided a way to modify the registry, which can be tested by themselves and shared with you.

1. Open the registry and type “regedit” quickly (similar to finding a command prompt and entering cmd)

2.Find Folder Path: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE] Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies System CredSSP ParamEters


Remote connection authentication error, and can not find encrypted Oracle to fix

Usually there is no system, you can create your own folders.

3.Then create a new DWORD (32) bit in the bottom folder. File name “Allow Encryption Oracle”, value: 2

4.Save the last point to log on to the remote desktop (if necessary, restart it)


Remote connection authentication error, and can not find encrypted Oracle to fix



If you want to be lazy, you can also copy the following contents directly into the notebook:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Random name, change the txt suffix to reg, open the operation, you can automatically import into the registry.


Pay attention to the blanks when copying

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