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Last time I took notes with Markdown, I wrote in the text<PROJECT>_<PATH>_<FILE>_H_When, & lt; & gt; the content in it can’t be displayed, even with”It can’t be displayed. Later, I think Markdown supports HTML grammar. This way of writing (& lt; & gt; or & lt; \ gt;) conflicts with HTML grammar, but I don’t know how to solve it.After inquiring on the internet, record it here for a rainy day.

Commonly used escape character table:

Display resultdescribeEntity nameEntity number
 Blank space&nbsp;&#160;
<Less than&lt;&#60;
>Greater than&gt;&#62;
&And number&amp;&#38;
Quotation marks&quot;&#34;

Display escaped characters

Want to display escape characters & amp;#60;

Writing as


Reference material
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