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There is only one unforgettable teacher, that is, my math teacher in Grade One and Grade Two of Senior High School is also our head teacher and our history teacher (the school teacher is not enough to bring only one additional minor subject for each head teacher). Until now, I only remember that he took the history class and read according to the book, because his Mandarin is not very standard, so he is always the teacher of history.Mispronunciation, so he made a rule for himself, that is, when we read a word wrong in history class, we would donate a dollar for class fee, so that we did not pay attention to what he was talking about in history class, but only to whether he read the wrong word.

  The second thing was that after school, he said he was going to visit my home. That night, he came to my house in a drunken state. He said he didn’t know why he wanted to visit his home as soon as he drank. Then he chatted with my mother upstairs for a long time. When he wanted to leave, he called me to give him a ride (it’s hard to get out of my house), and I went on his electric drive.Car, when I got to a good road, I said I should go. He said goodbye, so he took me all the way back to his house downstairs, and we talked a lot on the way. (I don’t remember, just remember when I said that he regarded me as a brother, but also hoped that I would treat him as a brother, not too concerned about the identity relationship between teachers and students)?。 I don’t remember the names of almost all the teachers in elementary school, junior high school and senior high school, but I still remember his name: Zhou Jun.

  PS:I can only do so much, and I am not good at Chinese, please forgive me.

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