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The first unforgettable teacher was my head teacher in junior high school. He was very strict with his students. Every time he read early, he would check his slippers. Then there was hygiene and so on. He taught mathematics. Sometimes he took the students to his dormitory to finish the class exercises before they finished. Special responsibility.
The second unforgettable teacher was the head teacher in high school. That time, I had a headache or something in class. When I went to the office to ask for leave to go to the dormitory to rest, the head teacher took me out without saying anything. It made me feel very unforgettable. After reading, I went to the dormitory to rest, and told me if there were any.What’s the first thing to remember?

The third unforgettable teacher is the biology teacher in junior high school. She is a female teacher. She is very serious in class, but after class she is really able to make friends with her. Everything can be told to her. Sometimes when she is in a bad mood, she is the first one to think of.

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