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I. What are variables?

  Quantity: Recording a state of something in the real world

  Change: A certain state of things can change.

2. Why use variables

   A state in which a computer can record things like a human being.

3. How to use variables

  Principle: Define first, quote later

       Define the three components of variables first

  1Variable name: the only way to access worthwhile

  2  = Symbols bind variable-worthy memory addresses to variable names

  3 The value of a variable: The data we store is used to represent a state of something.

  Post reference


IV. Naming of variables

  Prerequisite: Variable names should have descriptive effects on values

  Naming specification

  1.Variable names can only be any combination of letters, numbers, or underscores

  2.The first character of a variable name cannot be a number

  3.System keywords cannot be declared as variables

  Naming Style: Hump Body


  Pure lowercase letters + underscores



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