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1.View the number of devices currently connected

adb devices


2.Connecting device

adb connect <Equipment name & gt;


3.Install and uninstall app

adb install packagesname

adb uninstall packagesname


4.View the program to start

adb shell dumpsys window w |findstr \/ |findstr name=


5.-s Designated Equipment Number

adb -s <Equipment name & gt;


6.View app activity, package

aapt dump badging xxx.apk


7.Enter the activity stack

adb -s <Device & gt; shell
dumpsys //View some information about the device
dumpsys activity activities


8.Getting Mobile System Version

adb shell getprop


9.Get the mobile API version

adb shell getprop


10.Get the serial number of the mobile phone

adb shell getprop ro.serialno
adb get-serialno


11.Getting IMEI of Mobile Phone

adb shell dumpsys iphonesubinfo


Reference:, hundred and sixty-six thousand three hundred and ninety-six

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