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I first learned about Leangoo about two years ago. There have been many Scrum practices before. At that time, a Kanban system was developed in the former division. After leaving, there was no similar tool in the new team. It was inconvenient to find out if there was such a tool.

GoogleAfter a while, I found Leangoo and used it. It’s basically the same function as the tools I developed before. It’s very convenient and practical. It’s very quick to use, so it becomes a loyal user.

Half a year ago, he came to Mr. Wu’s company, Ba Jiuling, as CTO. The company’s IT team was formed soon, less than a year ago. Taking on several product development tasks, the whole project management is confused.

The first thing I started to do was to divide the team by product line, and then use the Scrum development process to improve team delivery and focus the team on valuable products. After training you with basic Scrum knowledge, you need tools to assist you in landing.

The first thought was to use Leangoo.

LeangooThe design is more humanized, easy to operate, less mental pressure on users, team members can quickly use it, just like using instant posts on the whiteboard.

Therefore, the implementation of Scrum is relatively smooth. One month later, each team has basically entered the rhythm of Scrum, started to develop and deliver at the rhythm, and the product satisfaction has also improved.

After several rounds of sprints, the teams reviewed and summarized some practices of using Leangoo, which further improved the team’s efficiency.

  • In Sprinbacklog, each lane represents a publishing unit. UserStory in this swimming lane will be released once it is completed. In a sprint, it may be released many times. The team has the ability to deliver continuously.
  • Each UserStory is first decomposed into several Tasks, and when all Tasks are completed, it means that UserStory can be tested and delivered. Each UserStory also assigns a person to be responsible for the entire UserStory when all tasks are completed.Delivery.
  •  Delivery is the only measure. Delivery order is arranged according to Kanban’s natural order, from top to bottom. A swimming lane, a delivery unit, forms a small sprint in a big sprint, delivering customer value continuously.
  • On the Sprinbacklog Kanban, add an online Bug swimming lane. The online problems are all solved here. The development only needs to track all tasks on one Kanban.
  • Undelivered functions find problems during acceptance and are also placed on the corresponding swimming lane as Tasks, so that it is clear what problems remain with the undelivered functions.
  • Detailed disassembly of UserStory is basically based on the principle of disassembling tasks into atomicity, that is, each task can only be done by one person. On the basis of disassembly, we get tasks and cooperate. The order on the Kanban board is the order of priority, so you can see at a glance whether you are focusing on the important things.Love above.
  • Buy a large screen touch-screen TV set, and when you turn on Daily Scrum, you focus on the TV set. When each person takes turns telling, he or she can drag the card to complete the change of task status.
  • Product Backlog is also used to manage requirements. In the initial stage, user storymap Kanban is used to decompose requirements. The work is more coordinated and the development is more efficient.

After several months of practice, we all like the atmosphere very much:

  • Know what you should do every day and whether you have finished it.
  • Knowing what the team is doing and how it is progressing is the most important thing at the moment.
  • Everyone is no longer passively accepting tasks, but actively completing them.
  • Work is also more active and targeted, without increasing the intensity of labor (or even reducing), to improve labor productivity.

Seeing our practice, product operations and other departments have also used Kanban to manage their own tasks, and everyone has begun to “agile” up.

About Bajiuling Company

Ba Jiuling Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is a company founded by a well-known financial and economic media teacher Wu Xiaobo. It has “Wu Xiaobo Channel” and other self-Media resources. It also serves “new craftsmen” and cheers for new national products and helps them grow.

There are currently three products in the software sector. One is the commodity cloud, which is used for the distribution, management and marketing platform of new national commodities. Second, the good e-commerce is used to sell new national goods. Thirdly, collectivists are exploring a new generation of Internet fission marketing tools.

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1997He graduated from Zhejiang University in 1997, majoring in industrial automation, and has been engaged in software development and management for a long time. He holds the positions of architect and technical director in many companies. He has many years of experience in Scrum Agile Development and System Architecture.


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