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Today, I encountered a very strange problem caused by Xunlei, so I would like to start by saying, do not install Xunlei! Don’t install Thunderbolt!

I found that some of my colleagues installed Xunlei, after uninstalling, the original normal word on the desktop, Excel files have appeared in a file beginning with “~$”, checked on Google, Bing, many people do encounter this problem, and are related to the installation or uninstallation of Xunlei.

My case caused a problem that I could not find the original document. That is to say, the document I had done before was in vain. It was a pit.

The solution on the network is basically to delete these files, there is no way to restore the files, if any God knows, can point out the labyrinth, that’s very grateful.

Re-emphasize: Xunlei, 360, Sogou input method should not be installed, the original good computer, that is, installed them, will make the computer more and more difficult to use.


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