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1. First, for the database, tables have detailed dictionary descriptions, tables and tables have clear correlation such as foreign key relationship, E-R diagram is clear.

2. refernceThe table should be clear.

SELECT * FROM RGENDER 【Gender, generally 1,2)
SELECT * FROM RINCOME 【Income level, first-tier cities 1-5, second-tier cities 1-5, a total of 10 levels)
SELECT * FROM RMARITALSTATUS 【Marriage status, generally 1, 2, 3)
SELECT * FROM Membership level
SELECT * FROM Provincial Information
SELECT * FROM City Information
SELECT * FROM District Information

3. BASEThe table should be clear.
There are some store information in CRM, CODE code should be clear.
There are some commodity information in CRM, SKU_CODE should be clear.
There are some things like coupon information in CRM, XXX should be clear.
There are some integral type information in CRM, for example.

The usual order is BPRODUCT, BSKU, for example, a pair of NIKE shoes, CODE is 11222, there are two colors, there are five medium-sized, that BSKU actually has 10 commodities.
One of the 10 items should be specified in the user’s shopping list

4. The membership form should include the main table, expansion table, membership card, openid which binds the public number of Weixin, Weixin adds small programs, unionid, Taobao ID, Jingdong ID and other information for universality and uniqueness.
Expansion and use according to business logic
Whether there are logical deletion bits or not [If there are logical deletion bits, members of logical deletion need to be judged in all development and testing processes]
Membership list uniqueness, for example, openid should be unique, and it will be convenient to use openid to push messages in the future.
unionidOnly need
Unique mobile phone number
Identity Card Number Should Be Unique [Identity Card Number Need to Judge whether it conforms to the ID format prescribed by China]
Whether a member has the possibility of multiple membership cards, if possible, the judgment of one person and multiple cards, the judgment of the main card [development and testing should be taken into account]

5. Synchronization between multiple libraries, when to synchronize, [there is no real-time synchronization at present]
ILDatabase, multi-regional, mainland China’s CN DB, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, Japan, etc. [Why were there so many databases? Reasons for permission?
wechatdata base
Line database commonly used in Taiwan
Special database for shop assistants
BI database for report team

After the table information is clear, the business requirements are then considered:

For example: Wechat members, two days ago online retail stores, shopping, then push the message.
Analysis: Wechat members, first of all, must bind to Wechat, and can not take off customs, take off customs members can not push users.
2A day ago, trading records, to see whether the transaction is by day, such as 20181116, or specific to the time and seconds, two days ago refers to, for example, the withdrawal date is 20181220, should we take the transaction time is 20181218 one day, or more days?
Definitions of offline retail stores
Shopping, the occurrence of shopping behavior, such as transaction records, refunds can not be counted, returns can not be counted, determine the amount of transactions, the number of goods, etc.

For example: Taobao members sign in after the transaction, trading points doubled, and purchase to the Jin series, points 5 times, purchase pure series, points 3 times;
If this month’s birthday, the birthday month integral is twice, the birthday integral is not added.
The original membership level added points, if you participate in this activity, grade points are calculated by 1 times;
This activity is only valid for one order, multiple purchases, calculated on the basis of the largest number of points.
The integral is generated in real time, and the active integral is deducted in real time if the subsequent refund and return occurs.
Activity validity period 20180101-20180331

Analysis: This is Campaign
In addition to the rules of this campaign, there are usually regular integrals, such as double integrals for members’birthdays and months, and double integrals for members according to their grades.
This activity has a time range, the time range is with the consumption date limit [boundary value test]
You have to sign in and buy before you can enjoy multiple points.
Multiple integrals, depending on the commodity

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