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Today the company will deploy a system to the ECS server in Aliyun.

The database is not RDS. It needs to be installed by itself. I installed mariadb-10.3.10-winx64.msi.

My operating system is Windows Server 2012 R2

After installation,

Create User…. Set Password



Remote connection…

hehe  。。。。。

Suddenly found that port 3306 inbound rule was not configured.



 OK  Discovered that it was still disconnected.

Look online.

Need to add bind-address= in my.ini

Configure CMD and restart MySQL

net stop mysql

net start mysql 

After testing, we found that it was still a 2003 error…


After tossing around all afternoon, I found myself using Aliyun’s server.

Need to reconfigure the security group in the console


Configuration Security Group




0.0.0/0 for full network access

After the configuration is completed,

Think it’s over.

Testing is still problematic.

telnet It’s never worked.


What does bind-address= mean?

Isn’t IT bound to the local machine????

The time relationship has not been studied in detail. Then note it out.

Still restart MySQL

Once again telnet passes…

Summary: Do not seek medical treatment in disorder. If the service is not available, the port is open and can not pass.

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