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What is golang?

GolangIt is an open source compiled programming language of google. Because of its late appearance, it absorbs the advantages of many programming languages.

golangIs it worth learning?

Of course, it’s worth learning, if you have energy. At present, there is no need to worry about the development prospects of golang language. First, it is open source. Google has a special department to maintain it, and it is widely used internally. The golang community is very active and represents gol.Ang has great vitality.

What other companies or projects use golang besides Google?

  1. Qiniuyun Storage uses go language to realize its core functions. Xu Zhiwei, the founder of Qiniuyun Storage, is one of the earliest users of go in China.
  2. Ali Infrastructure uses golang extensively, for example, they are writing something similar to gitlab in golang
  3. The popular container technology docker is implemented using go
  4. At present, the most popular container management tool k8s is also based on go. In a word, the container ecosystem is mostly realized by go.
  5. Our company is also using go to develop Wechat applets.
  6. Too many, not one.

golangWhat are the main application scenarios?

What I see is still more used in infrastructure. Because golang is a compiled language and is naturally oriented to multi-CPU, its performance can be said to be very good. Our company uses golang to write game servers, performance bars. In fact, go can do anything, just say it’s suitable or not.Let me explain below.

goCompared with other languages:

There is no best programming language at all, only the most appropriate programming language, some of which you must often hear, C/C++ for high-performance scenarios, python, PHP for rapid development and web development. If our company wants to make a new game, what programming language should we use?It is said that the performance requirements of games are still relatively high, using c++? Golang? But many of our games are written in php. Obviously, PHP performance is not necessarily the best, but our team is the best at writing PHP code, other languages are not so familiar. Not enough performance, our machineWealthy and capricious. So PHP is the most appropriate language in this case.

Everyone knows that bean chips are written in python. Why? One important reason is that their founding team knows Python well.

Which language should we learn?

What exists is reasonable and unreasonable will always be eliminated. A language is not a golden oil. It is suitable for all things. Many times a program is completed by many languages. To learn a language thoroughly and apply it to practice, language is only a tool. After learning a tool, practice more internal force (data structure).And algorithmic, etc.) In the future, learning any language will be fast and changeable.


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