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Closing a position means closing your original position. If you bought one hand, you sold one hand to close the position and hedged your contract.
Forced liquidation refers to the fact that your margin is not enough to cover the total amount of margin required for your position. The futures company will notify you of the additional margin. When you do not add it, the futures company will open the next day to liquidate a part of your position at the market price to offset the margin you lack.


Closing a position is the end of a transaction.
Forced liquidation is when your trade is forced to close.

 Futures burst:

Stock trading with your own money will not explode, but now there is leverage. If you have 100,000 yuan and borrow 100,000 yuan from securities dealers, you only need to lose 50% of your principal, which is to explode the stock. In order to ensure that there is no systemic risk, securities dealers will lose only 70,000 yuan (about 35%).Just sell your stock. That’s the closing of the position. Nowadays, many people in Liangrong are close to this line, and brokerage companies usually require to make up more than 150% of the margin before 2 o’clock, that is, to make up 150,000 yuan of total assets (your own assets should exceed 50,000 yuan). A lot of people actually can’t afford it, and as a resultAs a result of the centralized liquidation after 2 o’clock (liquidation is characterized by a drop in stop price, resulting in many shares falling in the afternoon), so the recent afternoon market is not very good, I estimate that next week is the outbreak of liquidation in Liangrong, the market is not optimistic.



Simply put, stock closing is selling stock. Closing a position means selling all existing stocks at current prices. In stocks, it is also called liquidation.

To close a stock position is to buy a certain number of stocks and enter the market. To close a stock position is to sell the same number of stocks and then exit the market.

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