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Return on Investment (ROI), in English, is abbreviated as ROI.

Return on investment (ROI) = (pre-tax profit / total investment) * 100%.


1.How is the rate of return on the house calculated?

:There are many kinds of algorithms for the rate of return. The simplest one is to multiply your monthly rent of 1200 months by 12 months to get 14400 yuan a year. Then divide the return of one year by 600,000 yuan for your purchase, and you will get the rate of return. But it seems to calculate the return on investment of your house.The reporting rate is quite low. It’s only 2.4%. I haven’t figured out whether you are a loan or not, how much interest you pay on the loan every month, or how much property costs you have. Calculate for yourself.


Stop Loss Rate

Stop loss, also known as meat cutting, refers to the loss of an investment when it reaches a predetermined amount, in order to avoid a larger loss.

2.1Profitable delivery point

Falling too much – “Short-term and long-term, losing other market opportunities -” set a stop-loss point, usually 5% – 10%.

Excessive Rise -“Profit Shipping Point


3. How to balance the stop-loss point and profit delivery point of a share?

:First of all, the stop-loss principle is: “One earning is enough to compensate three times. “Why should we set such a principle, the truth is very simple, because I can not choose 100% of the stock on the rise, so when choosing the wrong stock, we must prevent the stock price falling on the erosion of vested profits and principal. When adopting this principle, as long as mineThe value-added of funds can be easily realized when the selection ratio is more than 25%, and the accuracy of 25% is achievable for many investors. Then under this principle, I set the minimum earning rate of 10% for each time I make money, and the maximal odds should not exceed 3.3% for each time I make money, when the loss is greater than this.In proportion, stop selling immediately. Finally, it is necessary to combine this method with morphological analysis in order to minimize the probability of errors when the market tends to be active (trading volume is mild and enlarged, market hotspots are constantly emerging).

3.2 Principle of profitable point shipment

Secondly, the principle of setting profit point for shipment is to set target position instead of following the market. “That is to say, when you are elected to an upswing stock, you will make a decisive profit at the predetermined target position, and you will not be influenced by the market trend. The reason for this is that I have always believed that the only way to make a real profit is to actually sell the profitable stock.Money, otherwise the book profit is only an imaginary number, there are many strong rising stocks are suddenly reversed without warning, such as the previous textile city, Qiong energy and so on. In order to protect book profits from vanishing, I applied the above principles.

3.3 Practical Experience of Stop Loss Point and Profit Shipping Point

In practice, I set a minimum profit rate of 10%. Once the stock price achieves this goal, it will immediately sell 50% of the position. After that, the profit delivery point will increase by 2% for every 5% increase in the interest rate. Once the stock price is backed to the latest profit delivery point, all the goods will be shipped immediately. Using this method, I can make use of it.If investors are interested in making as much profit as possible on the basis of a steady 10% profit, they might as well give it a try. It should be emphasized that the above two principles must be combined in the operation, and mainly for short-term operation, investors can modify the target position according to their own characteristics and the actual market situation at that time.


Summary: “Everything should be done beforehand, not abandoned beforehand.” In the face of the mysterious and changeable stock market, if investors want to maintain the status of winners, they should make a careful operation plan before each sale, and strictly follow the plan, to prevent possible accidents, learn to stop damage and set up profit delivery points is undoubtedly the key to our success.Take a step.

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