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  Because I haven’t used my Ubuntu for a long time, I found that I forgot my password when I wanted to use it. After a long time, I finally got it right. Really…

  Record your new password here:Login password: 1234567; ROOT password: 1234567

  Following is the arrangement of online courses, pro-test can be used.

Step 1: ROOT must be retrieved before it can be done in the past.

The Ubuntu version used in this article is 14.04.4. The specific process is as follows:

1、Restart the computer by pressing the shift key until it enters the GRUB boot mode as shown below. Select the second line Ubuntu Advanced Options and select Direct Enter as shown below.

Ubuntu 14.04Solution of root password forgetting in

2、Go to the following screen and see that there are some options, thenNever press the return button.,PresseGo into (recovery mode) compile the kernel for startup parameters

Ubuntu 14.04The solution of root password forgetting in

3、The critical time has come, the penultimate line, to see a line of Linux / boot / vmlnuz-4.2.0-27-generic…. Ro recovery nomodest,

deleterecovery nomodeset

Ubuntu 14.04The solution of root password forgetting in

3、And then after the deletion just nowAdd to quiet splash rw init=/bin/bash。Then press F10 and start.

Ubuntu 14.04The solution of root password forgetting in

4 If everything works, the system goes directly into root mode and enters: passwd. The system will prompt you to enter a new password and terminate.

Ubuntu 14.04In root password forgetting solution



Step 2: Modify the login password

1.In VMware Workstatiom, click “Open this Virtual Machine”. Note that when you enter the system, you click the screen first. The purpose is to switch the mouse from VM to Ubuntu (otherwise, you may not enter the GNU GRUN interface if you press shift for a long time below).);

2.Click on the screen and press shift for a long time, and the system will enter the GUN GRUB interface (the operation of this interface can be seen below the description of the interface), as shown in Figure 1. If you enter the interface shown in Figure 2, the operation of this step will fail. Don’t rush to try again.

                                                             Figure 1

                                                                                Figure 2

 3.In the GNU GRUB interface, select the Ubuntu advanced option and return to the interface shown in Figure 3. Select a system distribution number in parentheses that is recovery mode. I tried it. Both of them in Figure 3 can successfully modify their passwords.

                                                         Figure 3

4.Wait… You will see the interface shown in Figure 4. Select the root item and return.

                                                           Figure 4

5.Enter the root password at the bottom of Figure 5, and when you return, you switch to the root user; you need to enter this command #.mount -o remount,rw /  Return and reusepasswd “User name (double quotes to be added)The password can be changed.

                                                                     Figure 5

6.Continue to enter exit and return to the interface in Figure 6. Select resume and return. At this time, a confirmation interface will jump out and then return. Then…. Quietly waiting for the login interface, haha, I wish you all success.

                                                               Figure 6




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