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       It was an unpleasant experience, so I had to write it down in a small notebook. My laptop is ASUS. It doesn’t matter what model it is. Last night, I unplugged my laptop adapter (the socket is not enough). After using it, I forgot to plug the adapter back into my computer and went to sleep after a while.。 Importantly, no shutdown! No shutdown! No shutdown!

       Really cheap, say a bitter tear, get up and look at the socket before you know it’s silly. Because I used Lenovo before, and I tried several times not to turn off the battery, but even the power supply can start (that is, the start item is more than a “normal start”). But goose, naive, God finally envied me handsome, hum.

       Turn on the computer, emmm ~~BIOS?? What!

Okay, restart Dafa, reboot it! Well, you can’t escape. Try it N times, you can’t duck.

I’m not happy with the big picture and the small word. I’ll stick a few of them together (you can see them, run away). 65507

BIOSThe total five pages are Main, Advanced, Boot, Security, Save & amp; Exit. PS: The currently selected item is white, e.g. 1; the upper half of the right column 2 is the functional explanation of the current item, and the following is the operation guide;No matter the BIOS version number.


As the new youth of the post-90s and 21st century of Kua Diao, the basic network literacy still has a drop, so we can’t restart and search on the internet. Actually, when people encounter this kind of problem, they can only find a repair shop or a programmer.Computer!?). This problem is rather biased. Although there are not many people who encounter this situation, there are not many questions and answers and posts that can be found on the internet, and many of them are rotten (it is estimated that it will be difficult to find a repair shop for some time).

360I found 4 questions and answers, only one is useful, the other is rotten. Follow these steps

1.Press F2 key to enter BIOS interface at boot time, enter Secure menu by direction key (corresponding to Security in my picture), select Secure Boot Control option by direction key, and set it to Disab.LED

2.Enter the Boot menu by the direction key, select the Lunch CSM option by the direction key, and set it to “Enabled”

3.Click F10 to save the settings (or cut to page 5 to select the first entry) and restart the computer.




Stepping on a pit is a learning opportunity!

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