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1. Basic: Symmetric Encryption and Asymmetric Encryption

Symmetric encryption
Both ends of the communication are encrypted and decrypted with the same key. Such as DES, AES.

Advantages: low performance loss, fast speed;
Disadvantage: There is a possibility of key leakage.

Asymmetric encryption
Each end of the communication holds the other party’s public key and its own private key. When communicating, it encrypts the information with the other party’s public key and decrypts the information with the private key. Such as TSL, SSL.

Advantages: high security;
Disadvantage: High performance loss, slow speed.


Combining the advantages of symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption,Symmetrical Encryption of DataPost transmissionAsymmetric Encryption for KeyAfter transmission, and each key israndom.

  • Data is encrypted symmetrically with low performance loss and high speed.
  • Symmetrical encryption keys are transmitted after asymmetrical encryption, which ensures security, and because of the small amount of data encrypted, it guarantees performance loss and speed.

httpsThe design is perfect.

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