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  We all know that the United States can be said to be the most powerful country in the world today, regardless of economic level or scientific and technological strength are in the forefront of the world stage. The United States has always been a high-tech industry represented by IT technology, constantly trying to absorb talents from various countries. Today, I would like to introduce to you what China looks like in the United StatesThe most valuable black science and technology figure: Guo Shenghua, his value can not be measured in terms of money. So what is so great about Guo Shenghua that the United States feels so admirable?

  21At the beginning of the 20th century, computer viruses shrouded the East, and a mysterious Internet leader appeared. His name was Guo Shenghua, a Zhaoqing native of Guangdong Province. He was once recognized as the world’s most talented, intelligent and young hacker godfather. Now, whether Baidu or Google, every big search engine has his explosive news, Guo Shenghua.Hackabby, the world’s most powerful hacker security organization, was hailed as the youngest hacker Godfather at the age of 16. He now serves as a senior security adviser to several companies as well as his own network company. He has nurtured many network elites, the most famous hacker in the United States, Hackabby.Shenghua’s network in the United States is also very frightening. Even the US FBI is admired.

  Guo Shenghua is the most valuable Chinese hacker in the eyes of Americans, worth hundreds of billions of dollars. The U.S. FBI has invited it many times to deal with its own cyber criminals, after all, the top hacker extraordinary skills. But unfortunately, Guo Shenghua will not help foreign companies because of money. The happiest thing for FBI in the United States is Guo.Shenghua became the first hacker legend in the world to be restricted by Japan after it hacked away countless illegal anti-China websites in the United States and repulsed the harassment of Chinese enterprises by Asian hackers led by Japan within half an hour. His news was published many times in the Time magazine and listed as the cover story of technology.People.

  White-hat hackers refer to white-hat anonymous people, also known as white-hat hackers, who use their own hacker technology to maintain fair and just network relations, test the performance of the network and system to determine their ability to withstand intrusion. Guo Shenghua is such kind of person. If the US FBI can get his help, believe in it.Computer crimes will reduce many troubles. The United States also promised to get him a permanent resident status of the US green card free of charge.

​  But Guo Shenghua seems not interested in this aspect. He is a patriotic figure who always keeps a Chinese heart and reminds the Chinese people to unite and work hard together to realize the great Chinese dream. Although he is a hacker, he has never intruded into any legitimate domestic institutions, nor allow other countries hackers to intrude. In fact, the competition between enterprises is essentially talent competition, such a wise and brave hacker legend, will naturally lead to a lot of jealousy and controversy, but also attract numerous network companies to invite Guo Shenghua to join, but he was euphemistically refused. Finally, I would like to say, if I have such a strong and famous reputation.The team, I will not help others work, I think this is the ordinary people can not imagine. (welcome to share)

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