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9 On January 17, the 2018 World Conference on Artificial Intelligence was held in Shanghai. At the main forum in the morning, Tang Xiaoou, co-founder of Shangtang Science and Technology, delivered a speech entitled “Artificial Intelligence Love (AI) without Borders”. He mentioned that there is no AI industry. The only thing that exists is “AI+”.Industry, AI must be combined with traditional industries to be able to develop, but the combination of traditional industries, not to subvert traditional industries.


The following is Tang Xiaoou.The full text of the speech:

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning!

Welcome to China and come to Shanghai. My topic today is “AI” has no borders. It was really stressful, because I suddenly found out that I was the last speaker, so I want to say it as soon as possible.

We’ve been doing this for so long, and there’s an ultimate problem with AI that we’ve never been able to solve. Artificial intelligence, no matter how it is done, can not take the place of everyone to eat or even go to the toilet.

As for what I’m talking about today, this “borderless” has two meanings. One is that AI has no borders with traditional industries, and AI is to empower all industries. The second implication is that AI needs the joint efforts of all countries around the world to advance, AI academic research is no national boundaries.

First of all, I want to use simple technology to demonstrate, this TV play, originally intended to use Korean drama to do demonstration, but later thought of using China’s more masculine such a play, please have a look.

When we were young, we were very familiar with this music. This is object detection. Following is face recognition, age recognition, and expression recognition technology, and then down is 240 face key points positioning, this is automatic plot recognition and character relationship recognition, below is limb recognition, this is pedestrian detection.

Let me show you about 10 technologies. What are we doing with these 10 technologies? It’s like teaching a machine to watch a movie. What’s the use of it? I’ll give you an example, for example, of an application that, if you can do a good job of plot analysis, can actually help us do a better job of advertising placement.Now I’m going to show you an ad placement app. The movie is called “Movie Time.” Here we’ve got an ad placement for the Augmented Reality Rendering Platform of SinseAR. There’s a car in it, and it’s supposed to be my son’s photo that I’d like to implant, and there’s no other reason.Because I think he is more handsome than Tony Leung. I also told him, you do not believe in artificial intelligence, you are so handsome, talk about girlfriends must personally talk.

Let’s take a look at an application on the mobile phone platform. When you shoot a real scene with your mobile phone, King Glory will be able to enter your mobile phone, you can interact with the characters in the game, this is a new three-dimensional game platform, this is Shang Tang and OPPO work together to create a Chinese original AR developer platform, King glory is one of the first APP entries.

So many big companies have done so many technical demonstrations before. Today, no matter what we demonstrate, everyone feels like they are playing big knives in front of the public. So I want you to notice a detail. The protagonists in my game don’t play big knives. We are dancing swords. We are dancing swords, not swords. It’s fun to play swords.

Today, I want to talk to you.In fact, there is no AI industry, the only existing industry is “AI +” industry, independent AI can not become an industry, AI must be combined with traditional industries to develop, but with traditional industries, not subvert traditional industries, but with the traditional industry cooperation, empowerment.Traditional industries, AI value is to help traditional industries to improve production efficiency.

It’s not easy for us to do this. We need to understand different traditional industries, but also need to grow rapidly. We need to grow to a certain scale to negotiate and cooperate with our opponents. When a company grows into a few thousand people in a short time, its management and culture become very important.If there is no culture in the company, survival is the problem, do not want to make money, how to cooperate with others, so we attach great importance to the culture of the company.

Peaceful coexistence is my appreciation of the corporate culture, mutual kindness, cooperation and win-win situation. Therefore, the culture advocated by our Shang Tang is the culture of sheep. Of course, I belong to sheep. This is also a reason. What we advocate is: eating grass and squeezing out AI. Sheep have a herd effect, which may be a little out of line with originality.Yes. So, our culture is actually “black sheep” culture, black sheep is a kind of mutant of sheep, like our AI technology, to be an innovative sheep.

In fact, there is a good saying, whether black sheep, white sheep, as long as you can milk is a very good sheep, sometimes we can be a black and white sheep, like this zebra sheep, I do not know how many of you have seen this sheep, this is a very rare species, like Shangtang, these zebra sheep are me.They use AI technology, that is to say, to generate networks from the white goat in ordinary goat pictures.

Finally, I’ll talk about innovation. In fact, talent is the core of AI, that is, talent training. In this regard, Shangtang has done a few things in Shanghai. Firstly, some time ago, the first book in the world, Artificial Intelligence (AI), was co-authored by Shang Tang and the Mu Course Center of East China Normal University and the outstanding teachers of famous high schools in Shanghai.Neng Senior Middle School Textbooks have been published. There are nearly 100 middle schools in China, such as Shanghai West Middle School. This textbook has been adopted to train talents and attract middle school students’interest in AI.

In addition, to ensure the continuous input of high-end talent, top research talent, we have established an artificial intelligence alliance with MIT. Today, in April, we signed a contract in Shanghai that inspired us to unite with a wider range of academic institutions, so we advocated the AI Global Academic Alliance.This morning, the launching ceremony was held. We hope to really promote international AI cooperation and truly achieve “great love (AI) without borders.” We also believe that the Pacific is large enough to accommodate the AI of China and the United States. This afternoon, 15 top international universities will hold AI in Shanghai Jiaotong University.Welcome to the academic forum.

Finally, this is our new home in Shanghai, Shangtang settled in Shanghai, our mission is to “adhere to the original, let AI lead human progress.” I haven’t been able to find a better translator to explain this, but seeing so many top international companies here today, I don’t think we should rely solely on ourselves. Why not cooperate?What is the challenge? OK, Google, let’s work together to make human greatness. OK, Google, let us work together. Make Humanity Great Again! Thank you!

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