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Guide reading:At the 2018 Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence Summit, Alibaba launched a number of AI products and related services, including a Sky Cat Elf man-machine communication vehicle system, two mobile robots with Sky Cat Elf system, space eggs, shuttles, a major automotive strategy upgrade, a road coordination system and the firstSection L4 vehicles cooperate with automatic driving new energy vehicles. AI front line to these products introduced to do a collation, I hope to help you understand Ali during this period of time in the intelligent voice, automatic driving research and progress.
  Tmall elites man-machine communication vehicle system

Alibaba has launched a number of AI smart products since the launch of the Tiancat Elf brand in July 2017, and the most familiar of them may be the intelligent speaker Tiancat Elf. According to Du Haitao, director of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Damo Academy, at present, intelligent speaker Tiancat ElfSales have broken through 500W units, with more than 700 capabilities, connected to nearly 70 million available household appliances, a peak of 40 million calls a day, accompanied by people for up to an hour a day. Data show that in the first quarter of 2018, Tmall elves have been1.1 million shipments occupy 59% of the market share of China’s smart speakers, and to achieve China’s first, third place in the world, Ali artificial intelligence landing products as a representative, eye-catching.

At today’s Artificial Intelligence Summit, another new announcement by the Elves of the Skycat has also attracted attention, namely, the human-machine communication vehicle system of the Elves of the Skycat. According to the introduction, it is included in Ali’s Tmall elf car AI + plan.


According to the introduction, the system is mainly developed around navigation, entertainment, communication needs, using array enhancement technology, in the car has more than 10 dB interference cancellation ability, speech wake-up in the daily environment accuracy rate of 95%, speech recognition rate of 93%; carrying voiceprint recognition technology, the worldFirst of all, the speech synthesis technology of intelligent voice payment can be more than 90%.

The on-board system of Tianmao Elf has four main functions: in-vehicle human-computer interaction, human-vehicle interaction, entertainment service and home vehicle interconnection. The voiceprint technology migrates to the on-board system, which can play the anti-noise function in the human-computer interaction; the human-vehicle interaction includes the function of voice calling and querying the vehicle status; and the entertainment service includes listening to the new.Information such as weather, stock reservations and tickets can also be inquired about by hearing, music and radio. Car-home interconnection aims to communicate home and vehicle information. Officials say Ali’s car interconnection has supported 164 smart platforms and has combined more than 300 brands to support more than 1,000 devices.

As early as June this year, Alibaba Skycat Elves has been working with Volvo, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi four car companies, with networked vehicles can be carried in the future Skycat Elves man-machine communication system. Ali revealed that next year will cooperate with Volvo’s entire line of vehicles, landing Tmall built inside.Spirit.

Ali will open the Avenir Hotel, using the Heaven Cat elf space egg.

At the summit, Tmall elves released a new system: Aligenie 3. It has the ability of listening, speaking, looking and acting, and can realize precise positioning, self-navigation, environment perception, sensor fusion, human-computer interaction, multi-robot cooperation, and realize voice, vision, multi-modal interaction.

Two new members of the Elf Family, the space eggs and the shuttle, will be used in future hotels and hospitals, respectively. The Sky Cat Elf space eggs can receive orders from the Sky Cat Elf, take an automatic elevator to express items, or automatically go to the warehouse. Officials say space eggs will be used for the first Ali.Come to the hotel.


Another robotic shuttle will be used in hospitals and other facilities. It has 60 independent medicine stores built in and can be operated by voice control without touching bacteria. It will be delivered by an automatic elevator. The two products are embedded in the Aligenie 3 system.


Intelligent sensing base station, vehicle road collaboration system

At the summit, Alibaba Group announced a strategy to upgrade its cars: extend from car to road, using road-vehicle synergy technology to create a new “smart highway”. This strategy will be jointly completed by AliOS and Ali cloud, Damour, Gao De, Alipay, location, zebra network and so on, aiming to explore the future two.The road of ten years. Damour, chief scientist of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Wang Gang, introduced the cooperative system of vehicle and road.

He pointed out that automatic driving is not a new research topic, but why after a long time of research has not fully realized the automatic driving and commercialization? Developers may have to reflect on whether their technology paths and methods can be optimized.

In his view, one of the reasons is that in the past few decades, the field of automatic driving has focused on Intelligent Optimization of bicycles, but even if the intelligent level of bicycle intelligent system reaches a very high level, there will be many problems, such as perception of blind areas, dead corners, obstacles will lead to real-world security risks; on-board sensors do not purchase soul;Sensitive, even the best lidar can perceive pedestrian distances only a few tens of meters, and the system relies heavily on high-precision maps, once a special situation occurs, the system processing will be problematic. It’s a very difficult or impossible problem for a bike intelligent system to overcome; another problem for a bike intelligent systemIt’s the cost. According to statistics, the average price of self-driving vehicles in 2018 is $200,000. The high cost hinders the development of self-driving technology.


Therefore, Ali believes that to create safe, reliable and cost-effective automotive vehicles, the vehicle itself and road facilities need to be combined, the use of “smart” roads and road facilities to solve problems, road data co-sharing can also reduce costs. Based on this, Ali launched a vehicle road collaboration system. Cooperative intelligence systemThe system can improve the safety performance, improve the safety performance and reduce the cost in the three aspects of “looking”, “thinking” and “doing” (which correspond to the perception, decision-making and control of automatic driving vehicles respectively). Wang Gang focuses on the perceptual function of the vehicle-road cooperative system. He says that perception in the vehicle-road Cooperative Intelligent SystemBase station, can achieve no dead angle, accurate identification of road conditions, interconnected vehicles, full coverage perception, without the limitation of perceived distance; in decision-making, relative to bike intelligence of the local optimum, collaborative intelligence can achieve global optimum.

Currently, Ali has set up a vehicle-road collaboration laboratory with the Highway Research Institute of the Ministry of Transportation, and will open up technology to the industry in the future.

The first L4 vehicle road collaborative automatic driving new energy vehicle

At the summit, Ali also unveiled the first L4 new energy vehicle, equipped with a collaborative intelligence system, to achieve “vehicle-road-cloud” trinity of vehicle-road collaborative intelligence.


According to the introduction, Ali released the automatic driving smart logistics vehicle around and on both sides using Velodyne’s 16-line lidar, the roof installed a Velodyne 32-line lidar, a binocular camera, five monocular cameras, other sensors, such as RTKUltrasonic radar and so on are hidden in the body.

The vehicle travels at a speed of about 30 to 40 kilometers on urban roads with a load of several tons and a positioning accuracy of less than 20 centimeters.

Alibaba’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory says the L4-class, self-driving smart logistics vehicle, which was developed last year, is still in the testing phase and will take some time before it is ready for production.

In addition, Alibaba also likes to mention the first automatic driving test license plate in Hangzhou. Wang Gang, on behalf of Ali’s “unmanned vehicle” team, took over the license plate number as “Zhejiang A4390 test”. It is learnt that this is after Ali exposed the unmanned vehicles, road coordination technology program, the most in the area of automatic driving.New progress.

Not only consumer products, Ali AI Lab where to go?

2017 In 1997, Alibaba suspended Ma Yun’s multi-billion-dollar Pepper robot project and split the team into an Artificial Intelligence Lab (Ali AI Labs). Since then, the Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, which leads the intelligent speaker project, has been lurking underground for half a year.Efforts to create “Alibaba artificial intelligence laboratory first consumer level artificial intelligence products”.

2017 In August, Ali Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence launched the Tianmao Elf X1 Intelligent Speech Box and the Intelligent Speech System Ali Genie, formally entering the Intelligent Speech Box market.

2018 On March 22, 2002, the Alibaba Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence announced several new products at a new product launch in Beijing.New interactive engine AliGenie 2:On the basis of the first generation of Chinese phonetic interaction, the multi-modal interaction capabilities of “hearing”, “vision”, “touch” and “emotional feedback” were introduced.「Fairy fire eye + XHolder:The Smart Fire Eye feature is added to the Smart Phone APP. With the hardware XHolder, the Smart Phone’s second speaker can be displayed on the screen and the Smart Phone’s visual ability can be enhanced.Tmall sprite cookie version:A Mini smart speaker, also equipped with AliGenie voice system, can be used to play music, radio, shopping, control can be household, the price is 299 yuan;Tmall Magic Screen:A 3D intelligent projector, covering Wah Number, Youku, potatoes and other content platforms, can support the day Cat elf voice control.

By then, the total sales of the Elves had exceeded 2 million, answering more than 100 million questions and performing 900 million missions. In addition, the Tianmao Elf has expanded its smart home ecology to 45 million household appliances and has been released by the United Development Section.Bluetooth Mesh 5 protocol.

Until October 2017, Nie Zaoqing, who was good at natural language understanding and entity mining, was the general director of AI Labs Beijing Research and Development Center. Li Ming Yang, who was good at computer vision, was an outstanding scientist of AI Labs machine vision. The accession of two experts foreshadowed AILabs’s future product direction, in addition to the Sky Cat Elf, a voice interaction product, is likely to introduce visual interaction, or even “robot” type of artificial intelligence products, to restore research and development of robots.

Sure enough, at the cloud habitat conference, AI Labs has released two service oriented robots for the B end enterprise users, an indoor delivery robot and an indoor replenishment robot. Its operation process has been fully integrated with the Tmall elf voice system, and the payment link has opened up Alipay. And this is the same as last year.When the lab released its smart speakers in July, the lab’s positioning for its own “focus on consumer-grade AI products” had actually gone awry.


In the team composition, Ali AI laboratory has also undergone some changes in the past year.


Among them, Shallow Snow (originally named Chen Lijuan) has become the director of artificial intelligence laboratory from the general manager of intelligent life when Tiancat Elf X1 intelligent speaker and intelligent voice system Ali Genie were released in 2017. Du Haitao has also been upgraded from the advanced product expert to artificial intelligence experiment.Head of room products. And Wang Gang led the independent research and development team independently, and set up the Damour school intelligent transportation laboratory.

From several major announcements made by Ali at today’s summit, we can easily find that Ali attaches great importance to the “car”, from the Tianmao Elf man-machine communication vehicle system, road intelligent collaboration system, the first car-road intelligent collaboration system L4 new energy vehicles, to intelligent logistics vehicles, all reflect Ali’s automation.Driving ambition. On the other hand, Ali Artificial Intelligence Laboratory positioning, also from the original focus on “consumer AI products”, began to robot, Intelligent Freight direction to expand.

In the future, how will it work in these directions? How can we stand out in the era of AI labs everywhere? Let’s wait and see.

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