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How do you compress multiple pictures? We will produce a lot of screenshots everyday, these screenshots we can not delete, we will compress these pictures, how to compress multiple pictures? Let’s share with you a way to compress multiple pictures at the same time.

1:First find a compression software, open the compressed software into the picture compression page.


2:Getting your pictures ready in a folder is easier to find. When files are added, they are also easy to find.


3:After entering the compressed page of the compression software, you can directly see the selection file or the selection folder. If you have more pictures, you can directly click the selection folder.


4:After selecting the file, you need to change the following output format and compression options to your desired format.


5:After the file output format settings are completed, you need to complete the file save path settings, click the folder icon to change, you can also save to the original folder. It’s convenient to find it yourself.


6:Click Compression Compression, need to compress the image file in the process of compression, add more files, compression time will be slightly longer, compressed files will be directly saved to the set folder path.


A simple way to compress the picture is finished. Go ahead and try it.


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