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       Because my point cloud platform function is more messy, the data may be processed need complex operation processing, if you can not retain this operation process, then every time to re-operate, this is bound to drain the rest of the author’s entire time, in order to save time to learn, so the author grievesDecide to implement a function that can save the operation process of the platform, in a word, that is, after the project is saved, the next time you open the project, the software interface can immediately restore the interface before closing

(a)Storage engineering file


         Storage files are still fast, because the binary files stored here, so no matter how large the data can be quickly stored, here is a configuration information stored with the actual file.

(b)Read engineering document


      The project file just saved has been read, the project file will contain a lot of configuration information, the author just stored some of the main parameters, not everything, I believe that there have been three-dimensional display development partners have seen, the author did not store the camera parameters, (the author has been)The principle of doing things is to be able to use it, no obsessive-compulsive disorder), but the speed of reading is also OK. Dozens of documents did not take up too much time.

      After such a toss, I point cloud operation of the intermediate process for storage, the next open and then deal with, directly restore to the state before the software is closed is not very cool?

      Before realizing this function, I always open a piece of original, with not very good memory, a little bit of operation, may have a slight mistake, a software crash, and then re-head, and then… And then. I really feel that I have wasted much valuable entertainment time. Soft wordsWhy did it collapse? Because the author is too fond of food and does not know the bottom design, so careless operation will surely collapse.




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