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Write this blog today, mainly to answer the questions of netizens, but also our project the most frequently used database operations.

UIPathCan read MySQL content, but also can Excel, CSV, TXT file information, written into MySQL, this part of the follow-up blog.

There are three preconditions before we can do this. We first have to have a MySQL database, and then MySQL ODBC, which is the bridge between the database and UIPath, followed by UIPath, a package UIPath that supports database connections.Database.Activities.

Precondition 1: install MySQL and MySQL ODBC

Install and download MySQL: slightly

MySQL ODBCDownload address:



Installation steps: next step

Configure ODBC:C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe (open with the path I gave)


Precondition two: mySQL built a web08 database, which has a user table.


Precondition three: install Database package in UIPath


Now we can configure data in UIPath.

1. Select database activity, select connect

2. Double click Connect to configure the corresponding MySQL ODBC information.


The following two kinds can be used.


3. In the output parameter, give a variable, ctrl+K key, input mySQL.

4. Add execute myquery

5. Add for each to read data in user_Table

6. Add Write Line output Recordset

7. Click execution to see if the test result is consistent with the result in the precondition 2.


So far the database connection is successful, if you want to loop the test, it is best to add the Disconnected action, so that the program remains intact.

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