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Go to the next – x86 – Generic – combined – ext4. img on the official website, and do your own research. This article does not say that the current version is 18. 06….

The next QEMU is on the command line.

qemu-img convert x:\xx\openwrt18.06--x86-generic-combined-ext4.img  -O vmdk openwrt.vmdk
Convert img to vmdk file

Super fast out of a few pictures, don’t ask me how to use vmware, pictures are stolen from others, all the same, mainly hard disk to set to IDE




iframe It can be written as “eth1 eth2 eth3…” and even multiple LAN ports.

After starting, wait for the word to stop to what is read, press any key to type the command, then type VI / etc / config / network into the routing table, and then press a edit content, the bottom will be ip6, no words can be deleted, do not delete the effect

Press ESC to fight again: WQ save


Set the key points for each change, and then click in.

vmnet2 It is a bridging mode bridge that can manually select a network NIC, that is, Wan access to its own network card.

vmnet8 It’s a host mode or a physical NIC, anyway it’s LAN port.

vmnet8 It’s subnet, vmnet2 is automatic.

You can dial the command /etc/init.d/network restart or reload to restart the NIC.

Or just restart it directly.

vmnet8 Set to

Sharing VMnet8 on the network card used to open Luci on the local browser (tested on the machine) is not required if other machines use physical cards to test it.

Finally, when the browser hits, you can enter Luci and succeed.


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