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George Orwell / Beijing October literature and Art Publishing House / Shanghai Translation Publishing House

Xiaoyu: Set in Oceania under the rule of totalitarianism, this book depicts an age of terror, repression, and repression of humanity in which anyone who wants to be repressed is enslaved to any liberalization. The book gives me the impression that our dignity is not worth much, but it’s the only thing we really have.It’s our last inch of territory, but in that inch of territory, we are free.

Hula Four Circles: The three most memorable sentences in this book are “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is power”. This book can be described as a prophecy. Later, like the Soviet Union under Stalin’s rule, it is a typical example. The description of highly centralized autocratic states alerts posterity. This is a thought and reality.Very strong books, it is worth recommending.

Ray I: (This is a) Prophetic political satire, a fictional testimony to the truth, how far-sighted the author is, looking around, there are many similar scenes. The book does not point to conspiracy theories that require people to question everything. The great thing about the book is that it provides some reference for people to choose from.

Flowers Sleepless: 1984, Animal Farm + George Orwell + Open Reasons: A book that truly and thoroughly reveals the essence of totalitarianism and changes the three concepts of man.

2、《Rural China

Fei Xiaotong / Peking University press / Shanghai people’s Publishing House

Hong Lingxiao: I would like to recommend Mr. Fei Xiaotong’s “Rural China”, which was written in the 1940s, but today it seems that it is still one of the classics of understanding China and Chinese society. Whether it’s the most well-known theory of “difference order pattern”, “group pattern”, “social circle” or Fei LaojieFour power theories, including “violent power”, “consent power”, “elder power” and “power of the times”, are all deeply shining with Philadelphia’s sharp insight and solid investigation into Chinese society and social conditions. The most admirable thing is the old man’s problem consciousness and his view of the power operation mechanism behind the phenomenon.The observation of fire. Fei Lao often starts from trivial matters and common sense, and searches for the root of the system behind him. Who could have imagined that the traditional pursuit of stability was hidden behind the often-talked-about “difference between men and women”? Who could have imagined the deafening view that “commerce develops out of consanguinity”. In addition, Fei LaoHe carefully analyzed the views of “rule by man” and “rule by law” and pointed out that “rule by man” is actually “rule by ceremony”, and behind it is the custom of doing things, while “rule by law” corresponds to the provisions. Finally, Fei Lao’s profound Sinology is convincing.Let the younger generation learn to be ashamed.

Xiao Li Fei Dao: This is a book that understands Chinese society and understands Chinese culture. This book is simple and easy to understand. Although it has been born for several decades, it seems that the profound grasp of China’s social observation has not been beyond.

Crows: this book is a representative work of theoretical research on traditional culture and social structure in Chinese rural society. It is penetrating and thought-provoking in the analysis of Chinese society, and provides an important reference for understanding the basic characteristics of Chinese society and culture.

3、《Sophie’s world

Jostein Jade Writers Publishing House

Gu Xiaoxuan: This is an excellent introduction to philosophy. It introduces the history of Western Philosophy in popular language. Unlike ordinary philosophical books, it introduces the reader into the world of philosophical problems in the form of fiction through a dialogue between the little girl Sophie and her philosophy tutor. For “who am I” and “what the world is” and so on.The author is not in a hurry to answer the question, but let the reader think for himself and get his answer. Finally, the author shows the charm of philosophy to the readers through Sophie, awakening the readers’thirst for knowledge and the world’s awe for life. If the book is characterized by justice: what is the right thing to do? “No hurry,”Instead, it is a kind of guidance, which encourages readers to explore and pursue through Socrates’ classroom dialogue.

RAY.JANG:This book is very famous. Has it been recommended by many people? I also write a few reasons for my recommendation. As a philosophical enlightenment book for Western teenagers, this book seems not so popular in the East, after all, it is not as “practical” as physical chemistry. But under the same material conditions, how to make life more meaningful and feel moreTo be happy, I think philosophy should be more practical. If you want to understand philosophy, recommend it from this book. It is a rare book that traces back the whole history of Western philosophy accurately and popularly, enough to build a system of philosophical ideas. Philosophy is known as the subject of “love of intelligence”. This book not only tells people.The ready-made “fruit of wisdom” of western philosophy is more important in guiding people to “think wisely.” In this sense, “Sophie’s World” is not only a history of popular philosophy, but also a philosophical guide.

WILLIAM: (This book) Gives us a door to philosophy that allows us to unconsciously think about the meaning of our existence.

4、《Gu Zhun Anthology

Gu Zhun / Guizhou people’s Publishing House

Zhang Xiao: When I was in college, I made a thick notebook for this, but I lost it in my study room. I still think about it for many years. There is an authoritative doctrine or craft system of domination in every era, but one must unconditionally admit that only exploration and research that violates or exceeds this authority can be guaranteed.Continue to progress. Therefore, authority can not be denied and authoritarianism must be overthrown. As Lin Xianzhi put it, “A Collection of Gu Zhun’s Works” is almost certainly Greek. In fact, what he said is not Greek, just as what he said is not true in China, and as the most solid and challenging expression of individual thought, Gu Zhun’s worksIt is due to a certain practical mission.

Peace is like water: Reasons: 1. Rationality is rigorous, rich and solid, profound and powerful; 2. Strengthen the paper back, think more ancient and modern, up and down search, nine death without regret; 3. China’s modernization transformation in the course of more than 100 years, in a dark period of time was lonely guardian and tenacious inheritance of the fire.

5、《Rabble “

Gustav Bon / Feng Keli / Central Compilation and Translation Press

Zi said: As a psychology undergraduate who preferred social orientation, Le Pen’s “Wu He Zhong” is the first classic study of collective psychology I contacted. In the Democratic era, it is more instructive to explore the group psychology. People descend to the world, the business people are intriguing, and those who bear the national interests are hidden in the market.It is only a group of people, or a wave of ups and downs. In today’s society, the psychology of the public as the main body is worth exploring.

Betty:(This book is a classic work of public psychology research, especially in the new media era, the public noise, reading this book can prompt us to constantly remind ourselves to reflect on their own practice and soul.

6、《Romans story (all 15 volumes)

Yan Ye seven Sheng / CITIC Publishing House

Chen Junxian: can let the law people’s blood and heart, except “Lao Ma Ma” chilli sauce, and of course, the history of Rome. This is a set of history books that people can’t stop but can’t wait to finish reading. They are historical books, but they are different from general history books. The seven students of salt field show Rome with the unique characteristics of Japanese women.The picture of the rise and fall of the Empire, Rome in her writing, is such a magical historical country. What this book shows is not only history, but also the deep memory of history. What it brings to readers is not only a simple historical story, but also the world’s democratic politics, foreign policy, military policy and economic development.And so on. Through this series of books, entrepreneurs see management development, scholars see academic attitude, politicians see the fundamentals of the country, is really a series of books that everyone who loves books must read.

Li Heng: Oriental perspective, popularized historical reading, the origin of imperial civilization.

7、《The boundary of speech “

Anthony Lewis, Law Press

Mcgrady :Perhaps the book’s positioning is more in line with its sub-standard, the brief history of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, than with a broad category such as “ideological books”. It’s just one of the many stories of Anthony Lewis, an old law journalist and twice Pulitzer Prize winner, and his other book, Criticizing Officials’Rules”Du” looks much louder and much more than the “frontier of speech”. But I highly recommend this 200-page pamphlet, which, in a timeline along a historical axis, finds out why America today is a free America, a democratic America. Nor did the us take it overnight.The image is exposed to the world, and it has a history of censorship, of distributing anti-war leaflets on the streets to convict offenders, and of the absurd age when a national flag is above basic human rights. But the good news is that it dares to discuss and reflect on different “rebellious views and actions.” The Federal Constitution comes first.The connotation and denotation of the amendment have been trying to keep pace with the times, and even if something goes wrong, the nine Supreme Court judges will do everything possible to bring the country’s protection of freedom of expression back on track. Not radical, and refuse to be conservative, just like the sentence written by judge Holmes: all life.It’s all an experiment. No one knows what the future holds. It’s not terrible to be wrong. It’s terrible to have the courage to correct mistakes and the determination to protect freedom. That’s the value of the United States today: Freedom for the ThereT that We Hate (to give you the freedom to think bitterly).

8、《You can never wake a sleeping person.

Zhou Lian, Renmin University of China press

Guo Lang: In this book, Zhou Lian, with his professional knowledge of philosophy, connects the seemingly profound knowledge of philosophy with our daily life. Deeply and simply, analyze the realistic problems in this society and this era, and philosophize democracy, fairness, justice, equality, morality, happiness, etc.And then integrate into the real life of our rice, oil, salt, vinegar, and vinegar tea. More importantly, here you will encounter a big question “what kind of people we should be.” Zhou Lian did not give us a standard, he tried to inspire us to explore this problem through his rational thinking, popular words, become.A just man? Or become a utilitarian cynic? This is the thinking and enlightenment that this book brings to me.

9、《Where is the countryside and “the rivers and lakes around us”


《”Where is the village gate”?

Ali, your little fox: He uses words to invite the soul in the world of literature. The words and sentences in his articles are screaming, bloody, metallic, and heavy with pain. He scraped away the rich packaging of real China and led us all the way into the world beyond grand narratives.Face those stories in the gaps of history and those who are connected with us. Admiring Nofu, he said, “Writing is a kind of resistance, against the evil of the outside world, against the darkness of one’s own heart” (seems to be Chai Jing’s comment – editor’s note), and one of his words is really one of his own cries, he usedPen and heart share pain and even pain. In his book, he analyzed cruel education, condemned the conspiracy to destroy the soul, and washed the fetal poison in the culture. However, he had a feeling of forgiveness in his bosom and his reconciliation with fate.

10、《Giant stream River

Qi Bangyuan + life, reading, new knowledge triple Bookstore

Hu: Qi Bangyuan tells us about an era of great sadness, which is also the proud, real, and most powerful China of all Chinese people. Through the author’s pen, we can see a history of the Republic of China full of blood, tears and sweat. The fate of Chinese intellectuals and Chinese culture is full of disasters.Hard. In one detail, the author Qi Bangyuan’s adoring man, Zhang Dafei, joined the Flying Tigers in her youth. Although victory was on the horizon in the Anti-Japanese War, Zhang Dafei was still martyred. Qi Bangyuan received a farewell letter from Zhang Dafei that year, which said, “All these years, I have been telling myself that this can only be brothers and sisters.Otherwise, if I die, I will harm her. What a different path we’ve taken over the years. I’ve only been flying into the air and fighting for years. I’ve been preoccupied with life and death in the sky and in the earth, and she’s on her way to the light that I bless every day. How can I say “I love you” to her by my death? I am bornShe wanted to live happily ever after. I was deeply touched by reading here. A “stream of rivers”, how much blood and tears, how many regrets. After regret, how much hope.

11、《Give me freedom – a history of the United States.

【Eric & amp; the Commercial Press

Free flying: content and words are fascinating and very readable. Why is the United States the most attractive superpower that can withstand wind and waves? How did it come? Based on freedom, the author systematically expounds the history of the country. Modern democratic countries are not achieved overnight. They have strong freedom of protection.Framework, citizens will gradually overcome all darkness.

12、《Mist: Russia’s Centennial worries

(Yakovlev + Social Science Literature Press

??:Reason: The author was once the propaganda minister of the Soviet Communist Party Central Committee, the main co-organizer of Gorbachev’s reform, the planner of the helper, and the author of A Glass of Bitter Wine. The title shows that this book is not a Book of praise and celebration, but a masterpiece of in-depth reflection on suffering and tragedy, an attempt to describe the 20th century Russia.Ross’s picture of the darkness of the main part and the totality of bloody history. Although Russia has emerged from this horrible picture, for whatever reason, countries and nations that still paint the same picture are reluctant to face-to-face scrutiny and learn lessons from this unprecedented catastrophic experiment in human historyThere is no hope or even fall into the abyss of eternal redemption. It’s for recommendation.

13、《The cost of being a disciple.

Dietrich Peng Hofer + new star Publishing House

Radish: I am not a Christian, but Hofer and his book have shocked me deeply. In Nazi Germany, the German Christian chose to join the struggle against the Nazi regime and died for it. His reasoning is that not only should people be cared for on crowded roads who have been bruised by mad drivers, but they should do their best.Stop that maniac from driving. He chose to “betrayal” his country in order to be loyal to his beliefs and people. “What happened in Germany on April 9, 1945, when Penhofer was executed by Hitler’s SS and secret police, was not measurable by human standards. They feel God’s sacrifice.His most loyal and brave son redeemed the brutal regime and restored the rebuilding spirit of European civilization, thereby personally intervening in the most terrible struggle ever fought in the world. G.Leibholz (former Archbishop of UK)

14、《Power without power

Vaclav Javier (Vaclav Have) + left bank

Sunflower of Spring: I read this book about 2009, and the shock it brought to me was unthinkable. “People don’t have to accept lies. They live with them, and that’s enough. In this way, people recognized the system, perfected the system and made the system.(become) the system. It allowed me to think about how I could ultimately achieve freedom from fear, and then I took that step and decided what kind of person I wanted to be. At the time of avalanche, at least I wouldn’t be the little snowflake.

15、《How did the red sun rise: the ins and outs of the rectification movement in Yanan “

Gao Hua / Chinese University Hong Kong press

Zhang Mengmeng: teacher Gao Hua is one of my most respected historians. This book takes the Yan’an rectification movement as the theme, and makes a detailed and in-depth analysis of the development history of the Communist Party of China before 1945 by using extremely rich historical materials. This book marks an independent folk discourse interpretation system in the research field of the history of the Chinese Communist Party.Rise.

Cat walking upright: (this book) with rich historical facts, careful argument, restore the history of the party, for people to understand the truth of history, promote social transformation to provide the ideological basis. It has high academic value and ideological value.

16、《Old system and great revolution

Tocqueville / the Commercial Press

Extreme Night Cat: The most mentioned book this year is written in France, but it reflects the present China. France and China are very similar, and we hope that our society can reach a consensus smoothly, rather than splitting traditions.

An ox: the most authentic portrayal and analysis of China’s reality.

17、《Farewell to Utilitarianism — Reflections on Humanistic Education

[NUS Baum / book, Xiao Yu / translation, Xinhua Publishing House, 2010 Edition

Writing in the distance: if education is only a means of examination and livelihood, or a tool for pursuing utilitarian goals, then such education is undoubtedly narrow. What kind of education do we need in the present China? This problem seems urgent and important. Because if we do not have a deep understanding of the essence of education,The reform of education will become “aimless”. In Nussbaum’s view, the education we need is to cultivate humanistic education, which must include at least three abilities: first, the ability to critically review oneself and one’s own traditions; second, the ability to accept and care for others; and third,The imagination of putting yourself in others’ shoes. In her view, such education is not utilitarian-oriented education, but can make the main body of education, more humanistic spirit, become good at speculation and reflection, sympathy and full imagination of a healthy person.

18、《Su Lu Zhi Zhi

Mu Xin + Guangxi Normal University press, Republic of China

Wei Dingyuan: There are three reasons for recommending this book. The first one is about the content of the book. The book has a few words and only 48,000 words. But the flowing thoughts between the words are broad and meaningful. The philosophy he describes is close to poetry. When he reads it, he feels an artistic beauty brewing in his heart and fermenting.But not strong, just faint. In this book, Muxin expounds youth, music, love, art, love and so on, but this statement is not all direct to the public, he is closer to inspiring, inspiring with a special point of view, one of which is about Wilde, Muxin first.Sheng wrote, “I can resist anything but temptation.” Why not say, “I can tempt anything but resistance” (tempting the non-resister is too boring). I had never read Wilde or any other book before, and he had four attitudes, Petya, that he had no mercy on me – respect for it. Peter and I have feelings for me. That is inferior to me. That’s bad for me. This is also good. It helps people to think about interpersonal relationship. Of course, there are more than these two good sentences, because I am short of talent and time problems, I will only cite two examples. SecondOne reason is that he had a positive effect on me. Before I read this book, I was in a period of restlessness and confusion. Many things seemed to me like twists and needles. I really didn’t know how to deal with them.Although I think other books are very good, such as Mr. Shi Tiesheng’s and Mr. Pak Yang’s, I think again and again that this poetic and philosophical book is what the tide of thought recommends. The third reason is thatBecause the book’s overall design is very good, very suitable for collection, reading also relaxed and happy. After all, I am no more than a student. My understanding of my mind is not superficial, and I hope it will be understood.

19、《The road to slavery “

[Von Hayek + China Social Sciences Press

DODO MOTHER: This book is by far the most influential one on my mind. It has the meaning of enlightenment. Based on the historical experience of Soviet socialism and the development comparison before and after China’s reform and opening up, the book’s viewpoint is undoubtedly of great practical significance to the current social transformation in China: the market economy is so farThe most efficient and ideal resource allocation system; economic freedom is the basis of political freedom; private property system is the most important guarantee of freedom; the meaning of the rule of law refers to the government’s behavior under the legal restraint; there is real freedom under the rule of law; democracy is the means to achieve freedom and security rather than the purpose. etc.Wait.

20、《Constitutional history of the United States: 25 major judicial cases affecting the United States

Ren Dong Lai China Legal Publishing House

RAY.JANG:This book is my legal enlightenment book, from which I know that in countries around the world, how the law came into being, how the law operates, the power is limited by the law, the justices are cautious. Twenty-five major judicial cases record the hardships and honors of the American people in the pursuit of justice and reveal the essence of the American constitutional system.The restriction and balance of power, the independent status of the judiciary, the deep-rooted contract culture, and the almost devout obedience and guardianship of the Constitution. For more than two hundred years, Americans have been accustomed to hand over major controversies to the Supreme Court. Although the performance of the judges is not always satisfactory, their status as guardian of the Constitution and the final judgmentThe role of a person has never been questioned. The book is not only rigorous and informative, reliable historical data, penetrating and penetrating mana analysis, but also interesting case narrative, narrative rhythm is good, read without a sense of boredom. I recommend that you read this book. In our age, the most sad thing is that it will not be enough.Seal.

21、《20Century history of thought (upper and lower)

Peter Watson + Shanghai Translation Publishing House

Gariea: The whole book combs the history of the 20th century’s thought clearly. The writing is calm and simple, but after reading it, it feels magnificent and clear. It takes a lot of patience to read such a thick book, but the courage to write it is even more admirable. Reading this book seems to follow the author’s adventures across the concept.In the economic, political, social, psychological, physical and other fields, combing the representative views of various thinkers and their social background in detail, and pay attention to the contact and collision of different ideas. If the real world in twentieth Century is thrilling, the corresponding ideological world is even more turbulent. Comparing the two world wars with the history of thoughtThe historical realities of the sub-economic crisis, the democratization process and the affirmative movement better illustrate that “ideas are the forerunners of social change and have greatly influenced the trend of mankind”.

22、《Capitalist cultural contradictions “

Daniel Bell + people’s Publishing House

Peng: it is very likely that we can get acquainted with such a media (ideological wave) to disseminate ideas. When I saw my friends surrounded by games and entertainment media, I would chat with them three or two sentences about games and entertainment, and watch their tweets or microblogs. I find how I am.The case is incompatible. At first I thought it was my personality problem (I was introverted). Later, slowly through reading, it was not my fault. Was that their fault? So where are they wrong? When I picked up the book I recommended (Cultural Contradictions in capitalism), I found the answer. The deconstruction of modernity to human beingsTo make meditation abandoned, we are wrapped in a direct experience that emphasizes only dreams, illusions, instincts, and impulses. You see, when they are immersed in games, entertainment programs and erotic things, they are not just like books. But those things did not bring them happiness. There are persistent irritation and loss.There is also a sense of emptiness after the psychedelic moment. Man is swathed and tossed about by his “orgasm” or mad tremor; but after a whirlwind of excitement sweeps, all that remains is a dull routine. Finally, the solutions to the problems we face are given. That is to recognize human beings.Limitation, setting boundaries for human arrogance, returning to religion if necessary, bringing people back to the wheel of inquiry into the plight of survival, a clear understanding of their own limitations and the relentless limitations of power, and the consequent efforts to find an internal rationality for explanation.

23、《From revolution to politics: the rise of the long march and MZD “

Yang Bingzhang, Renmin University of China press

Hu Yanyun: (This book) Based on the latest excavated historical data and the rigorous historical textual research, the course of MZD from Jinggangshan to Yan’an is shown very rationally and objectively, revealing the confrontation between revolutionary idealism and revolutionary realism in the early Communist Party of China, and the internal struggle around theory and power. Through (combing) MZThe rise of D demonstrates all kinds of inevitability and contingency in the development of history, and eventually overthrows the “fatalism” of the traditional historians on the rise of the Communist Party and the rise of MZD. It shows that the development of history does not take the will of man as a transfer, and the destiny of individuals living in history does not take the will of individual as a transfer.

24、《Speculation and refutation

Carle Popper + Shanghai Translation Publishing House

A Xing: After reading it, I made a reading report on the topic of “Nature of surprise – reading Carl Popper’s Guess and Rejection”. In philosophy, methods are not important. Any method, so long as it leads to a reasonable discussion, is the proper method. It is not the method or skill that matters, but the sensitivity to the problem.Sensibility and the constant enthusiasm for problems, or the “amazing nature” of the ancient Greeks. The book is a collection of many years of speeches and papers by the author. He has only heard of Popper’s theory of falsification before, and has not read his monograph in person. After reading this book, he has gained a lot and needs to read it several times. The arrangement of books seems to appear.Scattered, in fact, the logic between the chapters is rigorous. He discussed in detail the value of speculation and refutation. Let’s talk about guessing. First of all, as we all know, before we try to guess something, there’s a necessary question: can we know the world, if possible, how can we live with it?. This led to Kant’s epistemology, which Karl Popper called “Kant’s rather abstract but genius epistemology”. Conjecture is a process: we take the initiative to impose rules on the world, we try to find similarities in the world, and use the laws we invent to explain the world. Let’s talk about that next.On refutation, refutation is a trial-and-error theory, that is, an unsatisfactory point of view will be refuted or excluded. Here Popper says that all knowledge can only grow by correcting our mistakes, and that if the conclusion is observed to be wrong, it must be given up later. This refutation theory and Hagel’s dialectics threeHegel holds that a viewpoint must go through three stages: the combination of positive and negative questions, and the infinite cycle can approach the truth continuously. Based on the theory of guess and refutation, Popper applied it to science, that is, the philosophy of science developed later. He emphasizes the falsification of scientific theory, which distinguishes a theory.Is it an important sign of science? This is a book that gives people a cool spine. It’s a shocking book. It’s worth reading.


Mike Sander + Ya Yan Culture Publishing Limited by Share Ltd

Crouching Tiger: Bringing reason into the public sphere is an important task at present, and this book has done it well. It’s not about which faction you belong to, it’s about understanding what other people are pursuing and sticking to. This book can reduce language violence in the public sphere, of course.It was carefully and carefully read.

26、《Escape from freedom “

Ahiri Frome + International Cultural Publishing Company

Fromm devotes himself to the study of the interaction between human personality structure and social factors. In Escape from Freedom, Fromm confronts the negative impact of social development. Human beings gradually lose their own selves, and at the same time lose their freedom. This is what the contemporary Chinese people face.The problem is very similar. “We have to admit that the modern social structure affects people at the same time in two ways. It makes people more and more independent, independent, full of critical spirit, at the same time, it makes him more and more isolated, lonely, fear.

27、《The scenery that can not go out: speech and rhetoric in University

Su Li + Peking University press

Sunny:《The Outstanding Landscape is a collection of speeches made by Su Li during his ten years as Dean of the School of Law at Peking University, mainly on welcoming the new year and graduation. No bureaucratic space, close to life, but not deliberately pleasing. He said to the new-comers: find your love; to the students who are leaving school, he said: responsibility is higher thanArdently love. Faced with graduation, he said, “you and I are like water,” how realistic and cold, can be a “but do not say, tomorrow, you will be alone in the face of a strange world; avenues of blue sky, stretching behind you, is still a familiar, simple and solemn landscape, a landscape you will never walk out of” and heartfeltCan not help but soft enough to pinch the water. His speeches not only express his wishes to the students, but also reflect the real life, and more importantly, guide the students. The text full of humanistic concern fits well with the spirit of realism. In today’s popularity of all kinds of grandiose graduation speeches, the wind that can not go out.Jing is worth reading.

28、《Escape to heaven “

Lei Yi + Zhejiang University press, January 2013

58Degree: This book explores and analyzes the fate of small people of all colors in detail, in order to show the difficult course of individual life in the period of great turbulence, and restore the vicissitudes of extreme times for us. Through reading Escape to Heaven, we can feel the author’s strong sense of suffering and compassion.Remembering misery is a kind of spiritual quality. It is also a kind of world responsibility. The author’s thoughts on democratic system, constitutional ideas, legal system construction and many other aspects are related to conscience and morality, flashing a higher level of justice.

29、《Discovery of humanity

Xiao Shuzhen Commercial Press

sonic:It is too difficult for us to leave some space for our spirit. This book is a collection of ideological articles written by the author seven years after he lived in the United States. It combines the local landscape, history and historical development of China to talk about characters and events, and explores the innuendo of human nature in the political and social spheres of democracy, freedom and so on between the East and the West. This book is the author.Individual growth and perception also represent the attitudes and aspirations of many people living in the West towards Eastern and Western cultures and political initiatives. Sharing the author’s thoughts and feelings can widen his mind and make it clearer.

30、《Tolerance and freedom “

Hu Shi / Pan Guangzhe / editor + Law Publishing House

Liu Liu: Not an empty theory, but from the thinking of social reality around us, we can tolerate freedom. If we want to be free, we must tolerate and treat the people, things and culture around us. Tolerance and freedom are not grand doctrines, but real life and coexistence.

31、《Man and system

Wang Dingding + Oriental Publishing House

Preschool yan:This is an ideological Book Reflecting on history, focusing on reality and awakening the soul. As the book says, “Where history ends, there is always life; when life tries to transcend life, there is always thought. Like the wind blowing in the wheat fields, the wind is passing away. But after all, it was clear, moving with the breath of the earth’s life.The moment of our souls.

32、《The essentials of Chinese culture “

Liang Shuming, Shanghai people’s Publishing House

Guan Cong Xin: this book mainly discussed the Chinese society from Qin Dynasty to the end of Qing Dynasty. I think it is worthwhile for us to think about the following points: 1. At that time, China was not a feudal society, because there was no opposing class, and it was compared with the Middle Ages in the West. He said that China at that time wasA career path society; Confucius made the spring and Autumn Annals a proper name, breaking feudalism, superstition and inspiring rationality. Even in China, there was no feudalism, but instead of religion, etiquette and custom made China an ethical society. 3. At that time, China was not a country, but a “world”, which was beyond the concept of the state. Space is only a few points. beamMr. Shu Ming’s exposition is really refreshing and makes me have a new understanding of the old China.

33、《Chinese political history from six to ninth Century

Huang Yongnian + Shanghai Bookstore press

Che Guevara: The core of the book: from the period of transition from feudal lordship to landlordship, to the period of the Sui and early Tang Dynasties when the doors and valves were destroyed, the Tang and Song Dynasties entered a mature feudal landlord society. This kind of feudal landlord society seems to be unique to China in the world, and its culture is not a landlord system such as the Western Zhou Dynasty and the Spring Dynasty in China.Autumn and Western Europe are comparable to the middle ages. At this stage of maturity, it is more brilliant than ever.

34、《Big design

(Hocking, Wu Zhongchao; Hunan science and Technology Press.

Chen Zhongyuan: Through the narration of the history of science, we can tell the difficult scientific knowledge from the shallow to the deep, and tell the subversive view that science is not accurate, but the most convenient explanation of the real world in all possible theories. This is in complete agreement with Kant’s critique of pure reason. ScientistIn this book, we have shown their depth, self-confidence and humility.

35、《Where does your right come from?

Alan Dershowitz Peking University Press

Jep Wu:Right does not come from God or the laws of nature, nor does it come only from the provisions of the law. Right comes from the evils of the past. Human beings may never come to a consensus on what is right. Right comes from human reflection on the atrocities and tribulations of the past. Right is the only guarantee of human security and its realization.In this regard, rights also need to be cherished and maintained by human beings. To fight for rights, rights can last forever.

36、《Common bottom line

Qin Hui + Jiangsu literature and Art Publishing House

Li Xiaolin: The common bottom line here is not the compromise between “fairness” and “efficiency” insisted by the left and the right, nor is it the third way to find “neither laissez-faire nor welfare state” between “too much freedom” and “too much welfare”. It is to strive for the minimum right of freedom.Social security.

37、《Ten traditions “

Qin Hui + Fudan University press

The author starts from tradition, expounds in detail the real situation of Chinese traditional society, and explains the law of power operation in autocratic society and its harm. At the same time, it provides a scheme of social transformation, that is, to unite small communities to disintegrate large communities and establish civil society on the basis of individual rights.

38、《Istanbul — memory of a city

Er Han PAMP, Shanghai people’s Publishing House

Yin Dane: There is no better way to convey the memory of the late Ottoman Turkish Empire and the city spirit of Istanbul in a single word than to “cry for sorrow”. Pamuk uttered a word of sorrow, which made people feel moved. He could not help recalling Su Shi’s saying, “This place of peace of mind is my hometown”.

39、《The subversive civilization – how did we get to this step?

Frontier Qin + Oriental Publishing House

Yang: Before reading this book, I hope you can read the author’s previous books, such as “A Mirror Walking Along” and “Take me to Paris”, and then turn your eyes and mind into this recommended book after thinking. This book breaks her previous thinking Convention and invisibility between Western civilization and Oriental civilization.Curtain opened, let us constantly reflect on doubts. No matter whether the reader finally stands on the side of the author, he or she will have a cringing impact. I am a college student for three years. After reading this book, I feel that most young people in the new era need this kind of spiritual food urgently. The reason is simple: everyThese are the times when ambitious young people pointed out Fang Qiao, and the young people’s ideas and insights, more from the fine books they read and the spiritual source they learned, Ms. Bian Qin’s book is such a nourishment.

40、《The past is not like smoke.

Zhang and + people’s Literature Publishing House

– + -:I don’t know if this book is ideological, but it has a great impact on me, and it has enlightening significance for me. The author’s depiction of the life details of Zhang Bojun, Zhang Boju, Luo Longji, Chu Anping, Shi Liang and so on, one by one vivid historical figures appear in front of me, and the May 7th “anti-rightist” is on the textbook.I was shocked unprecedentedly by the fact that there was so little contact with the memorable words of that period of history.

41、《Towards the closed American spirit “

Bloom + China Social Sciences Press

Meng Yao on the way. Classics are getting farther and farther away from us, so-called higher education tends to be professional education, lacking the necessary humanistic care and some seemingly useless knowledgeKnowledge, such as philosophy. Scholars like Bloom are needed to dispel the social image and expose the bad situation in American society, especially in Colleges and universities. It is also possible for China to move towards a closed Chinese spirit, an increasingly materialistic and impetuous society that requires us to see the spiritual supplies we lack. These are the college students of the new era.Things that need. Go into the classics and really understand the light of wisdom, not live in cynicism and nihilism!! Times to learn!


Zhong Jun Yun, Guangxi Normal University press.

Mr. Lai: This book is a collection of 21 unique critical articles by Zi Zhongyun on social, educational, academic, ideological and national issues in China. After retirement from the Academy of Social Sciences, the focus of the author’s thinking has shifted from international issues to domestic social transformation and reform.In the view of academic research, the author puts forward that it is necessary to study the social background, cultural history and other “non-hot issues” and “issues of ordinary people’s concern” in order to truly achieve academic profundity and independence.Criticizing the impetuosity of today’s style of study, “we can always tell how Sino-US relations are, always want to be the government’s”think tank”and the system behind it -“according to the subject title”drawbacks.

43、《Historical opportunity in the era of big data “

Zhao Guodong, Yi Huanhuan, etc. + Tsinghua University press.

Jason Mori: (This book) The era of big data is coming, not so much about the derivation of the information age as it’s a methodology that pushes us directly to change our business philosophy and indirectly to change our way of thinking. Another: This is the first time China has been standing with other countries.The running line.

44、《Grace and courage: beyond death “

[Ken Wilbur + life, reading, new knowledge triple Bookstore

Zou Xigao: Whether it’s a story about cancer-fighting patients, a guide to patients and caregivers, a moving love story, an understanding of the world’s great intellectual tradition, a reflection on the meaning of life, an examination of death and dying, and a study of the meaning of spiritual developmentIt was a great success.


Camus / Liu Ming nine / translation + Shanghai Translation Publishing House

Drinking Kiss Fire: The outsider’s eye restores the whole rough, indifferent, irrational world, and the smell of ignorance and death permeates every detail of life. Although you don’t think you’re an outsider, you do have such indifference and obscurity that Camus’s book is not very long and reflects the outsider.And out of society. Camus also won the Nobel Prize for Literature for Outsiders and Plague, which is of great literary and social value.

46、《Existence and nothingness “

〔Sutter’s life, reading, new knowledge, three publishing houses

Son of silence: what is existence? What is the real existence? How can we get that valuable and meaningful existence in human beings in the inevitable emptiness? These philosophical questions are closely related to the present life, and to every person who strives for a sense of free existence. Sutter seems to be obscure.Under the astringent thinking and expression, a more profound and real world landscape is hidden.

47、《The decline of western culture “

John Carol + new star Publishing House

Lingling: The book takes characters, art, thought and so on as clues, and draws a picture of the birth and fall of humanism in Western society. It ends with the September 11 incident and makes people rethink the final conclusion of humanism: Is the world a better place when mankind abandons God?

48、《The details of democracy

Liu Yu + Shanghai Sanlian Bookstore

Jing: She talks politics vividly and interestingly with seemingly interesting stories. There is no boring theory, simple preaching, only ridiculous language, peaceful and close family stories. She never gives you ready-made reasons to avoid intellectual laziness. Lots of benefits! Admire!

49、《Water level of conception “

Liu Yu + Zhejiang University press

Stupid: “The power of ideas can not underestimate” the progress of society, the progress of the times will have a variety of forces and factors, but the promotion of ideas can not be ignored, and the addition of this brick is a contribution to social progress. He activated people’s potential power and guided the confused and confused thoughts. A spark can start a prairie fire, let me.They raise the water level of ideas so that they can sail and sail.

50、《European history after the war

Tony Jute, New Star Press, January 2010 edition.

Xiangdong: This book is divided into two volumes. I personally think that the next volume is particularly brilliant. Especially in the “End of the Old Order” and “Old Europe and New Europe” sections, historical events are clear, and the trend of thought of the times is sparse. Although it is called “History of Europe and the United States”, it is more in-depth than the general history of thought. I have the habit of copying books, and this book is even more done.Lots of wonderful excerpts.

51、《Historical research (Illustrated Edition)

[Arnold Toynbe, Liu Beicheng and Guo Xiaoling, Century Publishing Group, Shanghai people’s publishing house.

Wang Dai: From the beginning of human civilization to the modern times in which the author lives, the book outlines the thread of human civilization and puts forward the view that human history is advancing constantly in the intersection of challenge and response. This is a grand view of history. Let people profoundly reflect on the past, understand the present and conceive the future.

52、《Lei Zhen Chuan — democracy goes forward in the wind and rain.

Fan Hong + the ideal state of Guangxi Normal University

Beans: reading biography is not just reading a person’s history, but reading an era, reading a pursuit. Through this book, we can feel the process of Taiwan’s democratic movement. There are chapters that surprise people with cold sweats, and there are people like Thunderstorm who have hope for democracy and freedom.

53、《Freedom is on the high side.

Xiong Peiyun + new star Publishing House

In the preface, Xiong Peiyun said, “No matter how bad the environment is, you can always be the best you can be, because you are your choice. Over the years, I have always adhered to the belief that if we can not change the big environment, we can change the small environment and do what we can. You can’t decide when the sun will rise, but you can decide.Decide when to get up. Yes, we can not change the environment, then start with changing myself.

54、《Social animals “

(David / Brooks / she is quoted / translated by CITIC publishing house.

Leaf: This book, through the perfect combination of sociology and fables, tells a story about love, character and achievement. It shows you how social interaction shapes people’s character and influences people’s lives. It also teaches us the wisdom to actively acquire great positive energy.

55、《Visit fifteen book lovers with ideas.

Liang Wendao, Guangxi Normal University press

Lisa:(This book) interviews 15 people from all walks of life in depth in the form of dialogues, and records their thoughts and attitudes. The simple, persistent and brilliant words can give young people a lot of inspiration and positive energy. The most impressive thing is visiting Zhao Guangchao, “learning is a handicraft”. Zhao said “cultural wisdom”.Sex, things that I can’t see but feel with my hands, the ability of minimalism to be highly purified, the series of Palace Museum guides in my mind, and so on, all moved me deeply.

56、《We are still looking up at the stars. “

He Qing Lian + Lijiang Publishing House

The Infinite Walker: The zeal of that word is like a torch burning in the dark, even if the light shines on only one person. Do not want to go on for years, a prophecy, lights go out, we are still looking up at the starry sky. But as long as others look up, the glimmering will not die out.

57、《The historical origin of representative government in Europe “

Ji ho + Fudan University press

QJ:The historical origin of European countries, the brief history of their development and the reason why the representative system originated in Britain are elaborated.

58、《The feather snake


Seventy-seven Pomelo: This novel shows the enslaved life of the colonial people under the invasion of modern capitalist civilization. The plot develops into the self-help activities of the people. This is the expression of the author’s disillusionment of Western civilization and the profound discussion of social issues such as politics and religion.It’s an unusual fable about sex, politics and religious life.

59、《The history of world civilization (all 11 volumes)

(Will Durant, et al, Taiwan young lion culture company / translation + Huaxia Publishing House

Prajna: This book took the author and his wife a lifetime, full of reflection on the development of human civilization, has been praised by Taiwan scholars as “the 20th century’s Historical Records, human civilization’s Lisao”. It can be called an indispensable ideological classic!

60、《Social contract theory

Rousseau + Hunan literature and Art Publishing House

Zhu Yan: All activities in modern society must be based on contracts, the rights of the government come from the recognition of the ruled, the law is the representative of the will… This spirit of contract is lacking in modern society.

61、《Consciousness spectrum “

Ken Wilbur + Volumes Publishing Company

Don Juan: It subverts the understanding of the known realm of human consciousness, and the integrated attitude constructs the level of human consciousness macroscopically. The book’s future influence will certainly promote the evolution of human beings.

62、《Flourishing age

Chen Guanzhong University of Oxford press

SHUMatsumatsu: In a society where the best is the best, and the worst is the worst, can the thoughts of a false heaven and a good hell be worth an early cup of milk and two slices of toast in a sunny room?

63、《Hidden order: dismantling the history chess game “

Wu Si, Hainan Publishing House

Jason:It has become a system to combine ideas scattered throughout the two books, The Underlying Rules and The Law of Blood Reward, and to add something else. In order to read history, we have a broad view and face the essence. I first read the book, in the procuratorate internship period, from the procurator-general’s bookshelf to find this book.After reading the book at a time, I still feel uneasy and run all over the bookstore. Later, he was booked by a shopkeeper and finally got the book.

64、《Hidden rules – the real game in Chinese history

Wu Si

Liu Wei: The Publishing House forgot that this book, read in high school, opened the door from reading history to thinking about history, and began to understand and think about the real Chinese society. After reading it, I felt that my personal thoughts had been sublimated.

65、《The reason for being alive

Qian Liqun Guangxi Normal University press

Don’t use the Hidden Dragon: there’s always a reason why people live. Mr. Qian elaborated Lu Xun’s view on the reason for living from his personal life experience and other people’s life experience. It is true that people live for themselves, or for those who love me, and finally live for the enemy. Have we ever thought about our own living principles?What is it?

66、《My spiritual home “

Wang Xiaobao

Li Tao listened to Zen: some of the books I was thinking about and read, some of which had an impact on me was Wang Xiaobao’s “my spiritual home”. Although it was an old book, it was indeed a good book that led me to learn to think independently. Now my child is watching it, so that she can also become a * independent pig.

67、《Capitalist spirit and socialist reform “

Lang Xianping, Yang Ruihui, Oriental Publishing House

Heaven: Although the title of his book has two opposite social systems and ideologies, it contains admiration and admiration for them. What is certain is that both systems can not ignore or neglect fairness and justice. Countries without fairness and justice will not only lose competitiveness, but also face a devastating outcome.

68、《Ordinary world “

Lu Yao + Beijing October literature and Art Publishing House

Yao Shuman: youth, youth! Whatever setbacks and blows you suffer, grit your teeth because you have every chance to rebuild your life; every setback, if not discouraged, is but a common stumbling block to a new realm, and it will never kill anyone. Man, tolerance, toughness, benevolence. .. The Cultural RevolutionA very ordinary story in the context of a big era is very ordinary, but it gives people a lot of spiritual strength and inspiration!

69、《The scarecrow of the age

Xu Zhi Yuan / Qun Yan Publishing House

In the book, he has “historical evidence”, and the author’s own view of reality. It is a rational reading of Chinese thought books.


Thoreau + Shanghai Yilin press

Nine: “Walden” gives me a calm mind that does not change its original intention because of its tiny fiber. Like nature does not relax and gallant, full of morning vigour. It is also the deepening and cognition of thinking that has changed me. So I recommend it to you! A book that you can savor.

71、《Love and loneliness

Zhou Guoping people’s Literature Publishing House

Loneliness comes from love, and no love is not lonely. Perhaps loneliness is the most meaningful gift of love, and the recipient learns to love himself, to understand other lonely souls, and to love deeply in them. So as to establish a precious spiritual world for himself.

72、《My country and my people “

Lin Yutang

Xing Na: (This book) Full of humanistic concern and Reflection on China’s human nature, combined with the trend of economic globalization and political democratization!

73、《Japanese in brackets

Orange + CITIC Publishing House

Township head: Unlimited liability leads to irresponsibility. From the lessons of Japan, we can even see the drawbacks of the Chinese system.

74、《The collapse of the Chinese Empire — Re study of the Opium War

Mao Haijian, Sanlian Bookstore

Boss: Why did the British Expeditionary Army beat up to tens of thousands of people in the Qing Dynasty? After reading, you will understand that the Qing Dynasty could not win at all.

75、《Inverted red wheel “

Jin Yan Peking University press

paopao:Looking at the reversal of the Red Wheel, we should not only see the mentality of the Russian intellectuals, but also reflect on the current situation of the intellectuals, and point out the direction of our country.

76、《Returning south to the North

Yue Nan Hunan literature and Art Publishing House

Snow Boil Ice Flower: Through the description of the intellectual’s life course in the Republic of China, let me understand what is the true “independent thought, the spirit of freedom”

77、《Interlingual practice: literature, national culture and Modernity of being translated.

[United States] Liu He, three Bookstore Publishing

Yun Hao: This is the most powerful book that has touched upon the transformation of modern literature. It is quite incisive to study the cultural process of the transformation of ancient Chinese into modern Chinese by investigating a translation theory and practice. The style of writing is concise and the meaning of words is high.The scene. The list of Lu Xun, Lao She, Shen Congwen and so on is refreshing. Because of its penetration by means of theory, although the theory is based on literary writing, the fact is that it directly touches the cultural pulse of historical transformation. Such a vision is rare in China.

78、《On prosecutors

Lin Yu Hung / Ji, Law Press, 2008 edition.

Xiao Ming Brother: Original edition: Taipei Xuelin Cultural Enterprises Co., Ltd. published in April 1999, May 2000, re-brush, pricing: NT $400. Reasons for recommendation: The procuratorial system in mainland China has undergone successive changes, with a strong national color. In recent yearsIn recent years, the voice of Anglo-American reform is very high. Some tit-for-tat views have emerged in the debate on procuratorial reform, but unfortunately there are not many creative and constructive opinions. In response to these propositions, it is advisable to examine and analyze the history of the formation of the procuratorial system, and the research method of “returning to the origin” should be the issue of the system.It is helpful to make foreign things serve China and make the past serve the present. During his study at the University of Munich in Germany, Lin collected and studied a large number of German grammatical and legal documents on the procuratorial system. He also discussed the formation of the procuratorial system, the status of the procedural law, the double positioning, the checks and balances of supervision, and the obedience of orders.Detailed investigation and combing, “On the Prosecutor” provides a lot of information for us to study the prosecutor system and evaluate the procuratorial reform. Of course, it is necessary to absorb the beneficial and reasonable elements in the system of foreign prosecutors, but we must adhere to the guidance of the basic principles of Marxist theory of checks and balances of power and our people’s democracy.The power structure of dictatorship is closely integrated with the actual situation of the judicial system under the people’s Congress system.

79、《The nature of the judicial process “

Cardoso + Commercial Press

Adzuki @ Ran: The judge’s mind is free. This freedom is the premise of guaranteeing the independence of the trial, but at the same time it is limited. The discretion of judges or the “judge making law” play an important role in promoting social welfare.

80、《The judicial vision of rural China

Yu Zhong + Law Publishing House

Adzuki bean @ Ran: In the course of the operation of the state’s “law”, it faces a variety of local factors and causes various problems when it actually plays a role. In short, the “law on paper” is challenged and impacted by “real law”.

81、《A village in China “

Xiong Peiyun, new star Publishing House

Shao Qiming: This book has made me realize how blind I am to rural problems and let me know that China’s problems are in rural areas.

82、《Officialdom disease – Parkinson’s law

Nosgood Parkinson’s life, reading and new knowledge triple Bookstore

Li Heng: English humor, workplace thick.

83、《Dunhuang mural story Grand View

Chen Yu + Gansu people’s Fine Arts Publishing House

Gao Yan: a simple story, a simple truth, explaining the true glory of humanity.

84、《Ten lectures in the US “

Zi Zhong Jun, Guangxi Normal University press

Two lens: the United States is neither perfect nor evil.

85、《Rediscovering Society

Xiong Peiyun + new star Publishing House

Martin: Cool brush strokes, warm understanding, observation of Chinese society, found that has been sheltered “human” society.


Jing Chai Guangxi Normal University Press

Cai Cai. A person’s ten years will witness a country’s ten years.

87、《Close look at the United States

Linda Sanlian Publishing House

Siyuan: a very popular introduction to western constitutionalism, which is thought-provoking after reading.

88、《Wisdom of life “

Schopenhauer, Shanghai people’s Publishing House

Wonderful on the way: abandoned the obscure philosophical works, Schopenhauer’s book can be said to be the life of young and old Xianyi wisdom book.

89、《On Moral Sentiments

Adam Simy

So-KidXiao Long: the wealth of the left hand and the theory of moral sentiments on the right hand need not be superfluous.

90、《That’s what charat is saying.


Lang Feng: to express the reality of the new clothes similar to the emperor! (God is dead) revaluation of all values!

91、《Clash of Civilizations


One is: democratization, conflict is no longer class but civilization.

92、《The transcendence of tragedy

IELTS Beers – workers press

Night is daylight: reflecting on the living condition of mankind, we take care of life from the angle of tragedy from the philosophy of existence.

93、《The first emperor of Qin Dynasty

Cheng Bu + Kunlun Publishing House

Wang Jianfeng: truly enlightening your way of reading history and Rethinking Qin State

94、《Return to the side of Buddhism.

Li Lin Huaxia Publishing House

Ke Xiao Bi: China is one of the few books that understand Buddhism and grasp the core of Buddhism.


Rousseau – Business Press –

Lotus leaf: it is very inspiring and helpful to our current education.

96、《Diamond Sutra “Tao Te Ching”

UU:Reason: wisdom of wisdom

97、《Motivation and personality

Maslow + Renmin University of China press

Liu Huajie: the author is the representative father of humanistic psychology.

98、《Eight kinds of social thoughts in contemporary China

Ma Licheng, social science literature press

Recommendation: Cao Da

99、《Become oneself and become things “

Yang Guorong people’s Publishing House

Recommender: Dream eyebrow

100、《Silent majority

Author: Wang Xiaobao

Recommendation: Anton

101、《Sister Teresa: walking in love

Referee: Xiao Ming

102、《Animal farm “

George Orwell

Recommender: people are their names.

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