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Two months ago, a friend’s start-up company went bankrupt.

A friend is a gentle, white faced gentleman with a brilliant resume and outstanding ability. Chatting with him always feels like a spring breeze. Warm and jade like, full of charm.

Friends are meticulous and considerate. He remembers your birthday and sends congratulations and red envelopes on that day; returns from a trip to Osaka with a white lover as a gift; comforts subordinates who fail to meet work standards with patience; and swallows criticisms that come to his lips under the carpet for his employees.The stomach.

He believes that in a free and relaxed environment, it is more inspiring and efficient. So the employee’s commute time is set by himself: on the premise of completing the task, come if you want, go if you want.

Everyone is comfortable and everyone likes him.

Friends poured great effort into it, but after more than a year’s work, the project finally hung up. After comfort, I said to him, “you are a good man, but not a good manager.”

Kindness does not lead soldiers.

My first leader was very sharp.

His thinking is quick and clear. He is pragmatic and efficient. He never has any nonsense and always goes all the way.

Working with him will never be easy. He will not tell you how to work, he will not smile to soothe your emotions.

The weekly meeting is a routine examination, and everyone is careful and treading on thin ice. If it goes well, he’ll throw a stump and make everyone laugh, and then he’ll pull back and challenge you; if it doesn’t, he’ll interrupt you and photograph you on the wall without mercy, but with reason. From then on, you will never dare to do it again.

He will not hide his bad feelings. He has a very low tolerance for stupidity. He says changing his face will change his face. If he thinks you’re “not going to make progress,” you’re a piece of junk in his eyes, and you’re never going to look good.

He has a mantra, “what do I mean?” If he asks three times, your sweat will come down.

Sometimes, you simply feel that he is a mean and cold capitalist, an inhuman vampire.

The other side of the story is that when a subordinate makes a big mistake, he’ll work overtime to clean up the mess; at home, he’ll scold you completely and go out and he’ll take your place; he’ll take the opportunity to speak to the boss and keep working for the good of the team; he’ll grant an extra two days of vacation when the subordinate’s family dies…

Then, the team is running at a high speed and its performance is increasing.

It’s cruel to say, but the truth is that judging a manager is good or bad is never based on the opinion of the test, but on the results of the output. A good relationship between cadres and masses and a mass base can help achieve the goal, but it is not the ultimate goal. A good manager is responsible for making good figures and being accountable to the boss.A good CEO is to make high profits or share prices, which is responsible to shareholders. This is the accomplishment of profession, which is the logic of business.

As he often said, “I came to make things, not to make friends.”

Greg Popovic is the head coach of the Spurs and is a real winner in life.

He is one of the most successful coaches in the NBA, a legend in the history of professional sports in North America, and the head coach of the U.S. national team. In charge of the Spurs in twenty years, three won the best in the year, one thousand wins and five championships.

Popovich on the court is a famous tyrant.

Tyranny, authoritarianism, irritable, mean, blind relatives, pursuit of details, no sand.

He’s the toughest coach to teach, he keeps asking, ignoring your performance as if you were the dumbest person in the world. Did you make a mistake? Good luck. You can’t forget the angry growl’s face for weeks.

He’s a big jerk, growling, “Get dirtier”; he’s a jerk and won’t leave a face on anyone, whether it’s a star player or a bench substitute.

Tyrant of Dictatorship: Popovich

Popovich, who is under the court, is known to be a super tease, a good guy.

Under his rule, spurs became a team of happy and wonderful flowers. There are countless stories of teasing, and the atmosphere of the team is intoxicating. There are gifted people here. This is full of discussion about basketball. It is simply a basketball paradise.

COSPLAY for Spurs

He and his disciples have mutual trust and deep feelings. Some people say that Popovich is the most kindhearted person he can encounter.

At Duncan’s retirement conference, the Iron-blooded coach’s voice trembled and choked several times: “It’s impossible to say goodbye to him.” The scene is moving.


Popovich and Duncan

He’s the worst man in the world, he’s crushing your body, he’s tearing up your self-esteem, he’s a ferocious greedy vampire. He is also the best person in the world, he cares about your family, even if the world abandoned you, he will accompany you, I hope you can do the best.

Popovich is a good manager sample. Successful coaches need to have these two characteristics and switch freely between them.

A tyrant, a friend on the field, a work devil, a good life.

The story of Bai Chongxi’s education of his son is quite interesting.

Son Bai Xian Jing likes to fight. Bai Chongxi first asks, “do you bully others or others bully you?” If you are bullying others, your son will be beaten on the spot and then apologize to others. If he was bullied by others, he would ask, “did you return your hand?” If not, the fight will be worse than before..

Know war, but not war.

Li Jiacheng taught his descendants: the highest state of being a man is “a benevolent lion”. Kindness is natural, but kindness alone can not succeed. It is necessary to have the strength of a lion to earn money to support the family so as to protect relatives and resist bullying.

“There is no conflict between being a good man and being a good manager.

It is said that Liu Chuanzhi’s emotional intelligence is very high, and those who have met him are impressed by their personality charms. Do you think he is just a kind old man? Look at his enmity and resentment of Sun Hongbin and Ni Guangnan, which is really thunderous and unhesitating.

The most annoying word in the world is “rotten good man”. The development of goodness to the utmost is a compromise without principles. The violent terrorist incident on the European continent is the modern version of the farmer and the snake.

Be a good man, but not a bad man.

In many cases, it is not because of the virtues but the lack of technology that the bad guys are done. You do not know how to refuse, do not know how to pass pressure, do not know when to break, do not know “throw away the monkey on the back,” do not know “cut a horse with tears,” do not know how to tear gracefully…

Cunning is like a fox, and kind as a dove.

For my first leader, I did not understand: he felt unkind and harsh. When I got to a new position, when I became the backbone, I began to thank the period of high-pressure forging and solid accumulation.

Bringing a team is not a treat. Laughter, comfort and ease will not have executive power; gentle, frugal, and happy, there will be no fighting power.

Do not indulge in discipline, do not tolerate the system, which is not responsible for employees; to help employees grow, improve income, get a decent life, this is the greatest responsibility for employees.

Hu Linyi once sent Zeng Guofan a pair of life Federation in his later years: “to show the heart of Bodhisattva with thunder.” Zeng Guofan read with mixed feelings and tears.

Misunderstanding is a compulsory course in life, and dual personality is the leader’s iron shirt.

To every manager.

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