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In the graduation season, think about the future, anxiety. The 46 level exam is in this week. How to choose a major after finishing the college entrance examination? And anxiety. The countdown is 200 days in the whole year. What is the plan for the beginning of the year? Think about it or worry…

For young people who work harder and become more anxious, anxiety comes not only from uncertainty about the future, but also from comparing themselves to others, and from having better expectations of themselves. But instead of tangling, hesitating, or embarrassing yourself, it is better to aim at your goals and be down to earth.Struggle.


《I understand your anxiety.

(Excerpts) guest speaker / Wu Xiaobo of CCTV’s opening speech


The first time a university listened to a philosophical lecture, anxiety began.

I remember

When I was in middle school, I had no anxiety. I was very happy, playing football, being beaten by my parents, and was driven out of my house at most. He went to college and listened to the first lecture, which was given by a young lecturer in the Department of Philosophy. He told us aloud, “God is dead, we have to assess all values, and all hardness will vanish.The clouds are scattered. ” I almost fell out of the window because there were so many students. I was thinking, “God died” as soon as I entered college. What should I do?

So I began to think about the problems of people themselves, no answer can be given to me, no place to ask such questions, only to find their own. So I spent four years in the University Library for four years. I don’t know what books to read. I read along the shelves, history, literature and philosophy.


Fight anxiety, or read, or go on the road.

get to read

Some books, thinking that the brain is very clear, understand a lot of truth, and then very excited, red-faced to run out, back to the dormitory, and all forgotten. I really want to express something, but I can not express it clearly, so I want to be an intellectual.

What is qualified intellectuals? Roosevelt said there should be a career that doesn’t make a living out of it, so that you can resist the temptations of institutions, groups, organizations, and you can make independent voices.

When I was in college, I didn’t reject money at all. I thought it was good to be a rich man. Yan Hui, a disciple of Confucius, was a very poor and happy person, but Yan Hui grey-haired at the age of 29 and died at the age of 40. He lived to Zigong, more than 70, and his knowledge was very good and rich.Confucius traveled all over the country by sponsoring Zigong. When he came to the kingdoms, the kings of the nations stood face to face with him, exercising equal etiquette. I think this state is very good, I would rather do Zigong, than do 40 years old “hang up” Yan Hui.

In the next semester, I took part in a visiting group of university students. At that time, four of our classmates raised 5,000 yuan, set out from Shanghai, spent five months in southern China around.

I grew up in the city and had no contact with the countryside before. In those five months, I really saw the real China at that time. How vast the country is, how high the mountains are, how wide the rivers are, how dusty the roads are, how poor the people are… In a county in Hunan, we saw the “poorest family”.The woman gave birth to three daughters. When we went to visit, two daughters and their mother met us at the door. The eldest daughter was lying in bed. Why? Because the three daughters have only two pairs of trousers. When we left them a fifty yuan note, we saw the woman jumping around the room. Their village people and meThey said she knew it was a large sum of money, but did not know how large the money was.

These five months have changed a lot for me. I have measured this country with my feet. I saw the real “family walls” and no longer “angry”. If you are young, if you have a long journey, it will be very meaningful for your life.


Not only are you anxious, but also the successful people are anxious.


Anxiety today may be about growing up, about wanting to succeed, but successful people do have a lot of problems.

One year I was traveling with an entrepreneur friend in the United States. When I was passing through customs, an American with a five or six-year-old child picked up and showed the child to the customs officer.How did it happen? Did I ever hug them? For more than a decade, he had lived in a factory and spent two-thirds of his time on business trips, so his children were left to his wife. What did he lose when he had about one billion? What he lost was that he could no longer hold his own daughter.

I once asked the richest man in China curiously, “You have a lot of money, why are you still making money?” “I want to know how much money I can make in my life,” is probably the most anxious answer I’ve ever heard about wealth.


Our anxiety stems from uncertainty, comparison and choice.

I think

There are probably three reasons for anxiety: the first is uncertainty. We face an uncertain future and do not know where we are going. Second, anxiety arises from comparison. It’s called “people are more popular than dead people”. I met a 26 year old young man two days ago. He told me that I was very anxious. When Einstein was 26 years old, he had already written.In Special Relativity, when Michelangelo was 26 years old, he had carved “David” and when Zhuge Liang was 26, three people looked at the Mao Lu and asked him to go out and calm the world. He said I’m 26 years old. Why am I still here? The third kind of anxiety, I think, is choice. There will be many turnaround in your life.Each choice will consume your time and drain your energy.


The most important thing is to find your true love.

To overcome

Anxiety, in your twenties and thirties, when you’re at your most productive, you have to think about a few things. The first thing is what your favorite job is and what you love. It’s the most important thing. The second thing is to make yourself a professional. The third thing is that you’re willing to do it in the next 20 years.The job you like and your professional work.

Bid farewell to anxiety


The first step is to figure out the root cause. First, analyze where your anxiety comes from, and then destroy it one by one. Generally speaking, anxiety comes from the state of uncertainty, and action is the best weapon to overcome anxiety. For example, if you are confused about the direction of your career development, you might as well analyze it with your own situation first.Go to your best path, and then make up your mind to go ahead and do it bravely.

Second step, do not want the result. It is normal to do anything. Tension is normal. This is called anticipation anxiety. At this point, do not think too much about the results, but try to get a sense of accomplishment. Research shows that 47 percent of the time we think about things that have nothing to do with what we do right now, think about the past or imagine the futureIt may increase anxiety. Focus on the present and let people relax.

The third step is to divert attention. Once you fall into the vicious circle of “the more anxious you are, the more you think, the more anxious you are”, remind yourself to distract and prevent your mood from getting worse and worse. You can do something you like, such as going to the movies, listening to music or reading an interesting book, running or doing housework.Let yourself stay away from all kinds of thoughts. With more cheerful friends, the idea of friends can help you reduce uncertain information.

The fourth step is to learn to relax yourself. There are many ways to relax, but only finding the right ones is most effective. The easiest way to do this is to take deep breaths. When you’re anxious, take three deep breaths with your eyes closed so that your brain is completely emptied. To hug a loved one, or just shake hands with him, can ease anxiety. You can always hug.Prevention of some physical diseases. Drinking water also has a magical effect on decompression. Also, don’t forget, laughter is a panacea for stress and anxiety. Compilation of life times

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