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Buddha disciples have three things that need to be kept secret forever.

There are three kinds of secrets we should always keep secret:

Hide your merits,

Concealed fault of others

Secret future plan.

“Hidden one’s own merits and virtues “, according to the Buddhist doctrine, even if one has a lot of merits, such as strict discipline, full wisdom, full meditation and many other incredible merits, can not be declared in front of others, must be kept secret. If I declare my own merits, I will be slow to appear in the five poisons, and others may not be sure.Instead of having faith in you, you will have all kinds of ideas.

Some of the real merits will be diminished by propaganda before they reach the ground, so the wise man will not declare his merits. However, in the late Dharma era, people tend to boast that they have attained enlightenment, attained full merit, possessed miraculous powers, and were living Buddhas in order to realize their greed.

But Ruyibao of the Dharma King also said this: some real monks and virtues, in order to absorb disciples, break away some of their evil opinions, occasionally say some of their merits, such as what is my realm of internal evidence. But wise men often observe their own faults. As the saying goes, “sages observe themselves.”The fault sees the fault of the poor, the peacock watches from the body, and the owl gives a bad omen.

“We don’t usually talk about other people’s faults, because we are ordinary people, with a continuous unclear appearance, many times look at others do not like the eyes, always feel good, just like a Tibetan saying: “often see other people’s face lice and can not see their own face of the yak,” this one.It shows that it is not good to practice oneself. Many great virtues have said this: Buddha sees all Buddha, Bodhisattva sees all Bodhisattva, ordinary people see all ordinary people.

There is one in our college who, regardless of what other people do, always says, “Don’t say don’t say it. It may be deliberate. We don’t look at his faults.” Because sometimes we do not know much about others, and only one thing we know is unknown. Saying that others are wrong is not good for themselves.Bodhisattva precepts are detailed, in the “Buddha’s 37 Odes” also said: “to confuse him about the Bodhisattva, will destroy self-merit, so the Mahayana scholars, not said that the loss of Buddha’s deeds.”

We practitioners do not like the world, always like to blow their own high, belittle others to nothing, a lot of great virtues always do the lowest things before the beginning of the dharma, unknown hidden practice, so, generally, every lady from the surface can not see other people’s internal evidence and merits. Praise yourself for your merits and virtues.No one else will be respectful to you. It’s hard to say if the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas you slander are manifested, because many of the Bodhisattvas are manifested in the images of bitches, prostitutes and hunters, so we should always observe purity of mind.

There is a famous saying in the world: it is a fault to say others’ fault. Therefore, no matter from one’s own or altruistic aspect, the faults of others are very necessary.

“Secret plans for the future “, the future of their own planning ideas must be kept secret, do not future plans, sometimes even a delusion, what to build monasteries, apprentices, preaching, etc. to tell others casually, as the saying goes: Heaven is not seen through, not worth half a penny to see through. Generally speaking, the real plan has not yet been realized.Previously, it would be unlawful to speak out, so it should not be divulged.

Moreover, we practitioners have a plan for the practice of law, but we can’t plan too much for the world law, because everything in the world is changeable and the plan can’t keep up with the change. The same is true of Ruyibao, our King of Dharma. He will not say anything when he is not sure of doing things by eight or ninety percent. Therefore, we should learn from Dade first.The deeds of the wise, the secret future plan.

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