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  1. Mind this thing, you cover your mouth, it will run out of your eyes.
  2. If you want something, you must give it to someone else first. For example, if you want to get rich, you must first give money to others, which is charity; if you want to live long, you must first give life to others, which is liberation; if you want to open up wisdom, you must first give wisdom to others, which is charity… Anyway, no matter what you do to others, they will come back in the end.This is the law of cause and effect for you. – –
  3. People do not know their blessings until they are bitter. Therefore, there are always bitterness in sweet things, and those who have trouble in happiness can feel happiness best. Therefore, a mild gentleman friend’s friendship can last forever. – Liu Yong
  4. If you really want to do something, you will do everything possible to do it, even if there are obstacles. But if you don’t really want to do something, then even if the road ahead is smooth, you’ll do everything you can to stop yourself from moving forward. – Yi Shu
  5. No one can drag you to heaven with one hand, no one can kick you to hell with one foot, fate is joy or pain, in your own hands.
  6. It turns out that to love someone is to love her forever and never to blame her. When she saw her cry, her heart was like a needle prick; when she saw her smile, she was like a flower. In love, everyone has his own fatal weakness.
  7. You have failed many times, though you may not remember. The first time you tried walking, you fell down. The first time you opened your mouth, you said it wrong. The first time you swim, you drown. You didn’t shoot in the first shot. Don’t worry about failure; what you need to worry about is that if you are afraid of failure, you will lose your chance. -Li Kaifu
  8. A truly powerful person does not spend too much time on pleasing and attaching others. The so-called circle and resources are only derivatives. The most important thing is to improve your internal strength. Only when oneself is trained, will someone else be attached to it. Phoenix is the habitat of phoenix trees..
  9. Everyone has his own way, that road you must go, because some piece of your soul is waiting for you at the end of the road, you are not complete without it.
  10. Even if your popularity is better, there are only a few people who can help you when you are in trouble. Carnival, but a group of people alone. A true friend is someone who can accompany you through loneliness, solitude and silence.
  11. Good friends are stars. You don’t necessarily see them every day, but you know, they’ll always be there.
  12. Just like being a man, love is better than doing small things well, and don’t believe in empty talk. If a person can’t even do well in life, what can he do to love you for life? Small things look at character, big things look at personality, life looks at habits. Love does not believe in ambitious. So hello.Everything is good for you. Just need to do, no need to say. Lu Qi
  13. When you are young, you need to suffer more, and then you will be truly humble. Otherwise, your self righteous wisdom and contempt for all superiority will destroy you sooner or later.
  14. There is nothing to be afraid of. You have to believe that everything will be fine. Even if you are very afraid, very painful, very confused, do not give up hope, the future of your happiness, you are waiting for the present you fear.
  15. Let me go through the overlapping time, across the rolling mountains and rivers, go straight, go straight, come to your eyes.
  16. When you feel tired, maybe you are on the uphill path of life. Stick to it and you will find another level in your life.
  17. Life is often like this, you think the hope, in fact, let you sink deeper into despair; and you think endless despair, in a corner but full of hope.
  18. Go out for a walk, look at different landscapes, meet different people and things, you will find that your troubles are so insignificant.
  19. Waiting for your concern, until the closure of the heart.
  20. Life requires wits and wits, which is not related to academic qualifications.
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