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What is the difference between love and need? Sometimes people often can’t tell the difference between love and need.

Love is outward and needs to be directed toward the interior. Every time you love, it means something comes out of you; every time you need it, it means you have to move something in. Love is a state of being filled, and need is a state of emptiness.

Love makes you turn the person you love into a beautiful plant, you appreciate him, you watch him, you feel the beauty of being because of him; need is to turn the person you need into a kind of food, you ask him, you suck him, you lick him, you feel temporary satisfaction because of him, but soon greater hunger will follow. Love bringsSatisfaction, hunger is the cause.

The direction of the energy of love is from inside to outside; the direction of energy needs is from the outside. They are just the opposite. Sometimes we can’t tell the difference between love and need. How can we tell the difference between love and need? Perceive your energy state. When you feel that your energy state is from inside to outside, that is love; when you feel you.The energy state is from the inside out, that is the need. If you are satisfied with one thing, it is love; if you want something because of one thing, you feel more hungry, insecure, unsatisfied because of it, it is need.

When you love, you become a spring, the person you love becomes a rose, you water it, you nourish it, you make it glorious; when you need it, you become a hungry person on the journey, you become your food by the person you need, you eat it, you chew it, you use it, and you mistakenly think you love him. Love is Buddha style.If it’s devilish, whenever you love, you’re in the state of the Buddha, whenever you want, you’re in the state of the devil.

In fact, life and love are equal to life. But when you love, you experience happiness directly; when you need, and what you need is external and out of your control, it often causes you pain. Love is an outflow of energy. It needs to be an internal state of energy, when you can be like vanity.Just like being outflow, love and need become equal. You love one thing, very well; you need one thing, very well; you love a person, very well; you need a person, very well. You are loved by someone, very good; you are needed by a person, and also very good. When you have the spirit of transcendental equality, everything becomes fine..

Love keeps your heart at its source, at its source; it needs to lose your heart and let it go. For most mortals, every time you have a need, your heart gets lost and your heart runs away from home. It’s like if you become a hunter, go into the forest and chase your prey, and that is the illusion, you.It is hard work, but no gain (not really relieving your inner hunger and thirst). But when you love, the more you love the more you are at the source, the more you love and feel yourself. That’s why saints teach love and remind people of their need; and that’s why, whenever you love, you feel good, and when you need it.In addition to your temporary sense of comfort, you feel hidden, greater emptiness and uncertainty.

Love is breathing, need is sucking, love is spitting, need is taking in new, love is new bud born, need is falling leaves are absorbed by the earth, love is out, need is entering, love is for self, need is for self. As a practitioner, love and need, we do not like to depreciate this, but we should distinguish them from them, so as to make them aware of them.We walk on the road of happiness and safety.

It’s good for your mental freedom to know if you love someone or need someone, and when you love them and when you need them. Please understand that whether love or need is related to yourself, it has nothing to do with others. The existence or appearance of others is purely devotion. Dedication is the foundation of things.One of the sex.

If a person can be loved by you, thank him; if a person can be needed, thank him. His presence and presence are purely merciful to God. For you, God sent him. When you can thank and appreciate anything that appears in your life, you are in love. People in loveThe liberated person is the free man. Being a free man is not your ultimate goal?

Come, for one thing, because a person loves you purely and makes you free. If you just need him, that’s great, too. Watch out for unseen needs to bring pain to your life and disrupt your life.

Love flows outwards, flowing into streams, flowing to stones, flowing to roses and roses. Enjoy the feeling of flow, release and nourishment; the need is inward – a beautiful woman, a beautiful man, a wise man – a dish of delicious food in front of you… Enjoy him / her, enjoy him / her, and let him / her nourish you.But watch out for your greed and persistence, because food brings you pain.

Always remember, if your heart suffers from its delicacies, it has nothing to do with the delicacies, and it has something to do with your greed and perseverance. Your greed and persistence are exactly what you want to govern, and that’s what you need to practice. Is it wrong to practice spiritual practice? Grateful to those who discover and arouse your desires, they are all dressed up.Buddha or Bodhisattva.

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