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Dissatisfied with the existing work? Is it frequent job hopping or another year? An article tells you how the environment affects your growth, and how the environment is not good to break the situation editor’s note: This article from the Weixin public name “YouCore” (ID: YouCore), author Wang Shimin, YouCOre founder, new book “thinking power: efficient system thinking”.
Graduation school generally, during school patronage and play, after graduation want to go to the BAT level company, but Haitou circle did not even get an interview opportunity, but into this small company now, doing a job that can not be liked, also can not be said to hate. 3 months later, I wanted to leave, but my family, friends and seniorHR all advice: it’s best to work in the company for a year, otherwise, what’s the difference between you and the graduates? Suppose this person is you, how will you spend the work cycle?
“Mix it up, go all the way in a year! Job hopping times almost catch up with age’s cousin’s arrogance.
“Work as a supplement, learning as the main opportunity. The niece at freshman year answered.
“Well, I don’t know, too. ” Sampling survey of netizens’ high frequency response.
What do you think?
Cousins, nieces, and netizens have different answers, but they all have a common premise – the work environment is not good, then change! Now that we talk about the environment, have we ever asked ourselves: to what extent does the environment determine a person’s growth?
To what extent does the environment determine a person’s growth?
The influence of environment, especially the social environment on human beings has been profoundly recognized since ancient times. From Xunzi’s “Choosing Hometown, Traveling for Scholars” to “Practicing Silk, Dyeing Blue Zeqing, Dyeing Danxie Chi” in Lun Heng’s “Legitimacy Chapter” to “The Mother of Mencius, the Mother of the Former Mencius”, which is well known to women and children in the “Three-Character Classic”The choice of neighbourhood is all about the impact of environment on human beings. So to what extent does the social environment (this article does not discuss the natural environment, the “environment” mentioned below, if not specifically stated, refer to the “social environment”) determine a person’s growth, or even fate?
The effect of environment on people is actually to draw down the starting point and the upper limit of a person’s growth, and within this range to accelerate or delay the growth rate. For example, if you come from a highly educated family, then you are educated from a higher starting point than the average family’s children, which is the starting point for your growth set by the environment; a stone ageThe generation of skilled craftsmen, even if there is any wonderful idea can not create a silver hairpin, this is the growth limit of environmental constraints; advocating equality between men and women in modern China want to grow into a female CEO, its speed will be far faster than the advocacy of “women without talent is virtue” in the Qing Dynasty, this is the acceleration of the environment.
The impact of the environment on people is so great, in case your current family environment or work environment is not good, is there a trace of despair? No need! Although the environment determines the starting point and the upper limit of life, but not beyond the limits of your growth speed and destiny is actually determined by their own, and from ancient timesThere are few people who can reach their environmental ceiling.
To what extent does the environment determine a person’s growth? Here’s a different interpretation.

In the upper limit, the environment itself can not directly change your fate, let alone determine your fate, the environment can only affect your internal causes, is the result of this impact, rather than the environment changed your fate, in other words, you can take the initiative to control or guide the impact of the environment on you so as to ignore the environmental constraints.Buddhism, Yangming Mind Studies, and Habits of Highly Effective Persons are essentially “Habits – Activeness” that teach you how to control or guide the influence of the environment on your heart.
The above paragraph may be dry. Let’s take an example. My high school classmates usually get good grades. The first three grades of the best high schools in the city are basically those of Tsinghua and Peking University. But the college entrance exam has gone against the weather and only went to a secondary school (setbacks due to external environment). But people are still the winners in the workplace.In his early 30s, he became vice-president and chairman of the board of supervisors of a listed company. In his own words, “If I hadn’t been in the second book and had a strong feeling of unwillingness, I would have been a director at the top of my head now” (the non-ideal environment was guided by internal factors as a positive factor).
How to control or guide the environmental impact?
Now we know that the environment determines the starting point and the upper limit of life, but within the limits of not exceeding the upper limit, it is entirely up to you to decide how high and how fast you can grow. The environment can only have a certain impact, and even can be controlled or guided by you. So let’s go back to the first question — if you have to be at home.How can the environment be broken if the company does not enjoy the work for a year?
The method is simple, easy and three steps. This seemingly tortured working environment immediately changes the old appearance.
First, do not expect to exceed the environmental ceiling.
Yes, you are not mistaken. If you want to pick the stars by hand, for example, at least 4.6 billion years, millions of earth creatures have not yet done this feat, can you achieve it in just a few decades of lifeI deeply doubt this very low probability of glory.
Therefore, first of all, we should objectively recognize the upper limit of the environment and control the expected value within the upper limit. The greatest sense of powerlessness is rooted in the expectations of the environment. Now that you’re in an unsatisfactory company and working in a job you don’t like, don’t expect your income to catch up with your peers.The board has succeeded. It’s best to focus on self-improvement as the goal, and be calm about the pay rise and promotion, there’s surprise, there’s no reason.
Two, identify their own gaps and take the initiative to find opportunities for training in the existing working environment.
1、Before identifying the gap, we must work out the goals of the next job.
Don’t worry that this goal may not be what you want in the future, because the greatest value of setting this goal is not to achieve it (of course, if it happens to be what you really want, that’s even better), but to give you an opportunity to exercise your abilities in a comprehensive way. With this successful experienceIn the future, any goal that does not exceed the environmental limit is no longer out of reach for you.
2、After setting the target, the corresponding capacity tree is built, and the ability gap is identified.
The following figure, according to the target decomposition ability requirements, build the corresponding ability tree, and identify the ability gap.
To what extent does the environment determine a person’s growth? Here’s a different interpretation.

How to build a tree of competence can be found in YouCore’s hot article, Please Grow Your Ability into a Tree, Not a Grass.
3、Take the initiative to find work tasks that can compensate for gaps in the existing working environment.
For example, if your next job goal is to be a product manager, but the existing PPT skills do not meet the requirements of the competency tree, why not take the initiative to do as many PPT tasks as possible? If you do more, you will naturally improve. Please remember that any work you do at this time is subjective for yourself.Doing, the company just enjoys the objective results of your work, so from the real exercise of their own purposes, do not cope with it, but take the initiative to do it!
Three, seek or create passive pressure and overcome inertia.
After finding the tasks that can be done in the workplace, the biggest difficulty is how to overcome the inertia to do these things well. People are lazy, even those who are recognized as successful (whether there is a sense of relief that everyone is the same). There are two ways to overcome inertia: one is to take the initiative.Will power to overcome, such as forcing yourself to run 5 kilometers a day; one is to use the passive pressure of the external environment to force themselves, such as running with a beautiful woman (handsome guy).
It takes a lot of perseverance to overcome inertia by the willpower of initiative. There are few people who can do it, and they are prone to negative mental illness. For the sake of mental health, it is suggested that more passive stress methods should be used. For example, you have found something that you can exercise PPT skills in your job, but how can you force it?Do you want to do it yourself? This requires you to take the initiative to choose tasks that you have to do well, such as reporting on PPT (passive stress comes from leadership criticism), and publicizing PPT (passive stress comes from not losing the person).
If you don’t even feel self-conscious about taking the initiative to find compelling tasks at work, you can choose a more passive and stressful job. For example, the use of frameworks in Thinking: Efficient Systematic Thinking is the key to solving problems and expressing ideas. Mastering this framework is highly effective.The way of thinking is the initial purpose of many young people choosing this career. In fact, this method is not only used by management consultants, but also widely used by outstanding people in all walks of life. But the essence of why the young people who have been trained in management consultancy generally master it better lies in the pressure of the work environment.It’s big enough. Because of the nature of management consulting, a qualified management consultant has to collect and integrate a large amount of content in a short period of time and come up with an acceptable solution because no one wants to be humiliated by the client in public. Apart from managing consultants, sales and self employment are also important.They are all occupations with great passive pressure. They can also try with interest and conditions.
Take these three steps, and even if you’ve been forced to take a job you don’t like for a year at a less desirable company, you can still change your mind, and you’ll find that the once unattainable BAT is already under your nose. Otherwise, you can only lament a year later to continue to engage in obscenity. “If I had entered the XX company, I would have been.”How?
Concluding remarks
Dissatisfied with the existing working environment? I hope this article can give you the inspiration: it is always the best choice to grow as far as possible from the existing environment.
We must face up to the constraints of the environment, which limits the starting point and the upper limit of our life, but more soberly realize that within the scope of not exceeding the upper limit of the environment, the decision to grow up speed and destiny is entirely our own. After graduation, you enter your ideal company, but if you just passively receive the input from the environment, your success will become a success.If you don’t get into your ideal company after graduation, you don’t have to be discouraged. Starting from your goals, do the following two things, and you will grow up amazingly.
1、Identify their own gaps and take the initiative to find opportunities for exercise.
2、Seek or create passive pressure and overcome inertia.

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