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Multi touch and multi mouse support

Multi touch and multi mouse support


The most recent upgrade to the workflow platform, in addition to rebuilding the background with WF4, the biggest change is the full graphical user interface

The original plan was to fully enable multi-touch technology in the user interface, but found that the effect of multi-touch is not as brilliant as imagined.

The following is the application:

Application of multi touch in handheld devices (mainly mobile phones)

Although there are many kinds of multi-touch handsets on the market now, but not many can be used as NET secondary open, I use Meizu M8 to do secondary development, to achieve business processes on the mobile phone client.

The realization of multi touch on mobile phones is mainly two contents: scaling, hand style.

Scaling is mainly used for operation flow charts, and hand style is mainly used for page turning.

Overall, the effect is acceptable.


Application of multi touch in notebook

The multi touch notebook I use is the kind of flip chip that can turn the screen up like a tablet.

In addition to scaling is mainly used to manipulate the flow chart, hand-style is mainly used for turning pages, but also added multi-element simultaneous multi-touch moving function, for the focus of the input box to add an automatic screen keyboard pop-up, other operations and traditional touch screen operation.

Touch paging works well when viewing data, and I prefer keyboard and mouse for other operations.


Application of multi touch on desktop computers

To be exact, I use an all-in-one machine that supports multi touch.

Under normal circumstances, laptop and desktop applications are the same, except for multi touch applications.

Since my multi touch machine is late, I have been using multi touch notebook testing.

When using a multi-touch notebook, you flip the screen over and put it on the table like a tablet computer. The screen is parallel to the desktop and your hands are parallel to the screen. This is no problem.


But the monitors are perpendicular to the desktop. When used, the wrists of both hands should be turned up. The wrists become sore in about five minutes.

If a computer desk is modified, insert the one-piece/desktop display into the desk so that the display is parallel to the desktop, and the cervical spine starts to ache again after a long period of use.



Application of multi touch on large screen

When I talk about business, it’s actually what I want to do if people use multi touch on the big screen.

But in practical use, the following points make me decide to give up.

1. With a computer plus a universal large screen/projection, the interpreter is facing the audience, using multi-touch mode, is back to the audience.

2. The interpreter blocks part of the screen during the presentation and frequently flicks away from the screen in order for the viewer to see what is on the screen.

3. Imagine two beautiful MMs with their backs facing the audience in front of a screen, stretching out their arms, opening their fingers, waving up and down, and thinking about something…



Multi mouse support

Although I gave up the application of multi touch on the big screen,

But in my business explanation part, it is very necessary for many people to operate this function at the same time.


So I thought of mouse support:


Let’s take a look at an example.


1.Plug two mouse into the computer. If you are a notebook, you can use touchpad plus mouse.

2.The yellow arrow and the blue arrow represent two mouse pointer respectively.

3.Any mouse pointer can be used to drag and drop the control handle in the following picture.

4.You can use two mouse to drag and drop two different handles simultaneously.





The program uses Microsoft.Multipoint.Sdk to add a set of mouse Multipoint events to control.


Download this example:

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