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Original: 3ds Max modeling, Blend design, VS2008 control WPF 3D model example

3ds MaxModeling, Blend design, VS2008 control WPF 3D model example


Software used

3ds Max 9.0,Microsoft Expression Blend,VS 2008

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Documentation in the example


Application scene

In a previous system (MRP), we need

  1. Use workflow to monitor the device (work environment) and display the device (work environment) with 3D model.
  2. In the process of object design, 3D model is used to show the appearance of the object at different stages and the dynamic effect of assembly process in the production process.


This example removes the control module of WF, which only demonstrates some basic skills of WF to display 3D model.

3ds Maxmodeling



Export the OBj file that Microsoft Expression Blend can use.


Create a WPF project with Microsoft Expression Blend

Import OBJ files and texture files




OBJDefault structure of 3D model in Microsoft Expression Blend

Specify the material for the sub part of the 3D model.


Mapping the subpart (fuselage) of the 3D model


Use the 50% transparency color for the sub part of the 3D model (window glass).



All sub models are set after completion.


Make a flying animation for an airplane.


Using VS2008 to open Microsoft Expression Blend production project



Add a button to control the animation and a group of slide rods that control the camera.




Add a set of sliders to control the 3D model.

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