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  • Users can add interested papers to the favorites.

  • Users can comment on the difficulty of the paper, and the system will comment on the paper according to the user’s evaluation and the origin of the paper.

  • The system will recommend papers to users according to the number of papers they read, the types of papers in their favorites, and the current hot words.

  • To add favorites, users can add notes.

  • Users can set up their own learning plans.

  • > Benefit – benefits]

    • Supporting keyword search, our platform can filter advertising information relative to all kinds of messy information on Baidu, can directly present the content of the paper to users, and skip the part of the site, so that users do not have to open multiple sites.

    • Our platform has very low requirements for user configuration, and has little requirement for memory and graphics cards.

    • Our platform supports filtering the papers of the three top conferences and presenting them to users in the form of images, so that users can know the current hot spots of the three top conferences without spending time searching each article.

    • Using our platform, we recommend some interesting papers every day based on your browsing records and current hotspots to motivate you to learn.

    • First of all, the goal is to focus on the students in the class, after a period of promotion in the class, to collect user experience and suggestions.

    • Cooperate with Mr. Ke to promote the platform to several classes that the lab and teacher are teaching.

    • Cooperation with the college is promoted by the student union of the League Committee in the whole hospital.

    • Make our platform links into talk to QQ space and tweet groups, forward our talk, and reach a certain number of praise, we can get small gifts.

    • Old users pull up five new users to register our platform and enjoy one month’s membership discount.

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    PSP2.1Personal Software Process StagesEstimated time (minutes)Actual time consumption (minutes)Planningplan5030· Estimate· Estimate how much time this task will take.5030DevelopmentDevelopment200210· Analysis· Requirements analysis (including learning new technology)120110· Design Spec· Generate design documents5050· Design Review· design review3050· Coding Standard· Code specification (to develop appropriate specifications for current development)00· Design· Specific design00· Coding· Specific coding00· Code Review· Code Review00· Test· Test (self test, modify code, submit Revision)00ReportingPresentation10065· Test Repor· Test report00· Size Measurement· Computational effort2015· Postmortem & Process Improvement Plan· Summarize afterwards and propose process improvement plan.8050Total350305

    difficulties encountered and Solutions

    ​ When we first started the demand analysis, the first problem we encountered was the divergence of opinions. For some functions, such as learning notes, I think they can be categorized as requirements analysis, but Xiyuan thinks that this function is not very practical, and there are many products on the market that have basically achieved this.Function, we can do a streamlined search platform, I think the platform should be as much as possible to meet the needs of users may exist. In order to solve this contradiction, we began to discuss and search the Internet for many similar platform functions. Finally, we decided to find five potential users to vote.Is such a function necessary? According to the voting results, we retained this function. This divergence of opinion has taught us the importance of market research, and many of its functions are not our perceptual judgment of whether or not we need it, but whether or not we need it, so we plan to promote it.In the form of questionnaires and other forms of user opinion collection.

    Week NNew code (row)Cumulative code (row)Learning time (hours) this weekCumulative learning time (hours)Important growth13003001515Familiar with C++ language, understand unit testing, code coverage and performance analysis.20300823…