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iostat -xtc 5 2



sofcommandUsed to view the opening process of your files, the process of opening files, the process of opening the port (TCP, UDP). Retrieve / restore deleted files. Is a very convenient system monitoring tool, because the lsof command needs to access the core memory and various files, so the root user needs to execute.

In Linux environment, everything exists in the form of a file through which not only regular data can be accessed, but also network connections and hardware. So such as TCP and UDP sockets, the system is the application in the background.The order assigns a file descriptor that provides a common interface between the application and the underlying operating system, regardless of the nature of the file. Because the list of descriptors that an application opens a file provides a lot of information about the application itself, it uses the lsof toolBeing able to view this list is helpful for system monitoring and troubleshooting.


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