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Day -1

The seventh time to go to Beijing is great, =w=.

When I went there, I was caught in a typhoon. Fortunately, the plane was changed to move.

Day 0

Arriving at the hotel, a morning was just decadent, and by the way, Google play.

Sign in in the afternoon and ride with cold_chair randomly.

Evening welcome dinner, and that wise regiment building activity.

To test machine, found that win7 bare machine, editor only Gvim, start a bare machine, the environment is all down.

Day 1

To the scene is a variety of chat interviews.

9:30The nearby fairy elder brother got the problem by a wave of operation.

However, the real problem lies in the interaction between the players and the subjects. Do not ask, do not know, ask more and more quietly.

The sample code is too immortal, and notes are extremely stream aware. The array party says nothing about the theory of pointer.

The environment has been in tune for a long time, and hands have been raised repeatedly for help.

The first round of evaluation is about to start. Blind JB wrote a SPFA running shortest path.

So the first round was pressed by the inhuman at the starting point can not move, and even how wrong they do not know.



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