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It is found that after the dynamic component is created, an instance of the dynamic component (componentRef. instance) is used to change the properties of the dynamic component, such as:”123″
The bound {{xxx}} on the interface will not be updated.
But the console output shows that the XXX has been changed.
Using functions directly in dynamic component classes can change XXX, and {{xxx}} is updated in real time.
If you can make use of componentRef, do you want to update the binding data in real time?

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The only effective measure is coverage.instance The value will not trigger.OnChanges The hook.

    template: `
        I'm testing template {{data}}.`})Export class CustomComponent implements OnInit {@Input () public data:String;Public ngOnInit () {Console.log (;SetTimeout (() => {Console.log (;}, 3000);}}
export class HomeComponent implements OnInit {
        private viewContainerRef: ViewContainerRef,
        private cfr: ComponentFactoryResolver
    ) {}
    public ngOnInit() {
        let factory = this.cfr.resolveComponentFactory(CustomComponent);
        let componentRef = this.viewContainerRef.createComponent(factory); = 'hello';
        setTimeout(() => {
   = 'bye';
        }, 2000);

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