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I am a new student this year, Java is self-taught, before the internship of nine months, master the use of ssh, ssm, the foundation is not solid
Now Didu, with its own coupon website:, finds work, no packaging experience. The new company is not very good, the emperor has a famous outsourcing, responsible for the company’s product iteration, the project has been used for more than 10 years, the technology is particularly messy, there areSome use the framework spring, mybatis, some are actually jsp, JSP has a lot of Java code and html, look at the headache, now every day is the development of the business layer, project encapsulation is very solid, some of the core is in the jar package, and can not see the source code, basicThe SQL statement is not accessible.
Friends have advised me to ride donkeys to find horses, and I’ve always planned to do so, but it’s too difficult for new students to find jobs, especially those who graduate from three books like mine.
Now a little confused, do not know what to do, their foundation is not solid, do not know where to start, to be exact, no goal, want to ask experienced elders, give directions

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It is suggested to save some work experience first, and change jobs after the year, or change companies directly after the year of finding a good job a year ago.

In fact, the work is like this, messy, but somehow did not rely on packaging in, so even if the technology messy, others will not blame you, after all, this is an old problem. Do well yourself, learn more, and change very well years ago.

Attitude that you want to do something, must pay attention to your attitude to work, must be normal, or accumulate over time, will certainly do wrong things.

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Like my past experience, I learned by myself. The first job I found in a three-tier small city after two months of work was a bit of a chore. I worked as a front-end artist and wrote some PHP additions and deletions. After working for three months, the boss thought the cost was too high and resolutely disbanded. I feel that I have learned a lot.A medium-sized company in a small second-tier city still feels good as a front-end. It is recommended that the owner of the building work for a while and learn some new technology. Job hopping will be better in the future.

Answer 2:

Suggested, stay a few months, learn some team work style, accumulate some team work experience, and then self-learning some basic knowledge and cutting-edge technology, you can consider jumping.

It is not recommended to stay too long, such a large outsourcing company, busy and can not learn much, if the workflow is more formal can learn a little more, if the process is a mess, can leave as early as possible.

Answer 3:

Hello, landlord, my focus is different, I want to know, your coupon website, where do you get those data? I hope I can answer this question.

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