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Recently read the react-redux data, do you know if there is any problem with Redux understanding? First picture
My understanding of react-redux’s process is as follows:

I read in Ruan Yi Feng’s data:

Control code:

Can I understand these three red boxes as three action, which is interpreted as Action Creator?

Answer 0:

action It means{type: 'ADD_TODO', id: 1, text: 'todo'}In this form, an object that wants to generate such a pattern can be generated by an action creator (that is, a function). So these three red boxes can be understood as 3 different action creator. The whole document can be said to be corresponding.A collection of action creator to be used by view.

Answer 1:

First react, Redux is independent, the title says react-redux is used to connect react and redux, action can be an object, including the type attribute, the above three are action creator bar, can be generatedIt doesn’t matter to action.

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