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Strictly follow the official website steps.localInstallation and operation hintscommand not found
StackOverflow There are related problems. The answer to high votes is global installation. But I don’t think this installation is elegant enough. Some people put forward the official website suggestion under the high vote answer is not to install the overall situation, the respondent said that things will always change? But the installation can not run directly.
I do not have global installation now.package.jsonRigascript:webpack,Then?npm start
Excuse me, how to solve this problem?loaclInstallation and operationwebpack Tipscommand not foundThis problem.
PS:modifyPathThe way has been tried, it has no effect.

Answer 0:

That’s how it works.


I usually operate on custom shell commands.

$ alias lwebpack="node_modules/.bin/webpack"

It can also be used. This command will not work if it can not be executed.

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