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Work experience says that we need to write highlights and achievements. Like I write business every day, fix bugs, do requirements, and haven’t done any high concurrency of advanced technology, are very common things, have not encountered any particularly profound problems (and will not have), and there is not much bullish results. I believe most people are in the company.It’s curd. How can I write this better?

Answer 0:

Seek truth from facts and write what you normally do. There is nothing to write about except for work.

Answer 1:

I don’t think Kazakhstan really has anything tall in her actual job. Literacy before an interview is a must. When you ask, you always pick the tall ones.
1:My expertise,
2:Project introduction
3:Your job description

The rest depends on how you interacted with the interviewer.It is strongly recommended to eliminate illiteracy, eliminate illiteracy and eliminate illiteracy before the interview.~

Answer 2:

If you write business and change BUG, you’ve been involved in some kind of project, such as an e-commerce system, and you can write that you’ve been involved in e-commerce project development and are familiar with e-commerce business. I’m doing business and CMS, and what you call CURD, but do you think my BLOG is just CURD?? Depth is something that needs to be explored by itself.

Work is just a part of the programmer’s life, some of the big bulls usually do their own software projects and become familiar with GITHUB, you can also put forward your own views on the current work content and write it as BLOG, these are resume add-ons.

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