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Because of the limitation of the network, we need to build a local Yum source; the yum package in the system image is not complete, so we need to use the network to synchronize the yum source locally, only need to synchronize a version of the rpm package, such as CentOS 6.7, can not be found in the domestic mirror source web page now.The mirroring source below centos7 is empty. The same is true of official websites.

Official network

But think carefully, since you can install it in yum, it’s still downloadable, but it’s slow to download even if you write the script.

So there is no better way to synchronize the yum source.

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Find it, my Operations friend said, Yum source, each large version will be updated to the latest, so you can use 6.9,
I am also studying the yum installation of the intranet, which can only be synchronized to local and then sent to the intranet.
The information I am studying is:……

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