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I now return values with [code = 200,’type’= false]. Is there a way to detect and return them directly using exception handling?

Answer 0:

Write an exception class that inherits the PHP exception, throw it as you handle it, pass your code and type or whatever else you need in the constructor.

use Exception;

abstract class BaseException extends Exception {

     * @var string
    protected $status;

     * @var array
    protected $data;

     * BaseException constructor.
     * @param string $message
     * @param int $code
    public function __construct($message = '', $code = 0) {
        parent::__construct($message, $code);

Business needs a variety of exceptions to inherit a basic exception.

class ApiException extends BaseException {
    public function __construct()

When the business needs to be lost

    if (!$hasAction) {
        throw new ApiException(998, 'No access rights);}

Business needs to be grasped.

    try {
        //business} catch (ApiException $exception) {}

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