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1.“Welcome to register QQ. Is this code not intermediate? Why do we keep left?
2.“Is “traditional Chinese” a code that does not follow a train of rules? Why are we divided into the next line?
Thank you for your great help.
This is my code:

<title>QQRegister web version beta version 2< /title>< /head>< body>< H1 align= "centre" > < font face= "black body" >Welcome to register QQ< /font> < /h1>< H2 align= "centre" > every day, music is communicating with.& nbsp; & nbsp; < font font.= "blue" > < a href= "" >Free and beautiful < /a> < /font> < /h2>< H6 alIgn = "right" & gt; & lt; a href = "" & gt; QQ number & lt; / A & gt; & amp; nbsp; & lt; a href = "https://ww""& gt; mailbox account & lt; / A & gt; & amp; nbsp; & lt; form & gt; & lt; select id =" - - Select - "& gt; & lt; option & gt; simplifiedText & lt; / option & gt; & lt; option & gt; traditional Chinese & lt; / option & gt; & lt; option & gt; English & lt; / option & gt; & lt; / Select & gt;< /form> & nbsp; < a href= "" > feedback feedback < /a> << /body>< /html>

Answer 0:

I despise the community question and add “I’m a sister.” We’re all here to answer questions, not to see girls, andYou’re not a sister either.

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It is recommended to learn the latest HTML and CSS knowledge in w3school.
1.Because you write centre instead of center, and align attribute and font tag have long been abandoned.
2.“In traditional Chinese, you put it in option in select, of course, it will be changed.

Answer 1:

It is recommended to take a look at the w3s tutorial.

Answer 2:

Let’s learn first, which is no longer the foundation.

Answer 3:
  • Ha ha, I am really a sister.
  • center not centre(An oblique eye)
  • Suggest the younger sister to read more documents, this really special basis, perhaps just inadvertently wrong, may be novice
  • alignfontProperty is no longer in use.
Link of this Article: Why did it not happen to me?

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